The food industry's dependable partner.

The leading food safety compliance partner for food and beverage businesses across the UK & Ireland.

Our Vision

To be the dependable partner of choice for food safety compliance across the complete food sector, through innovation and exceptional customer experience.

Our Values


We pay attention to the detail and take responsibility in an unselfish and supportive way.


We value our reputation as professionals in our field and continuously improve to become experts at what we do.


We are a resilient, energetic and adaptable team, working towards a common goal.

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Our Corporate
Social Responsibilty

At Klipspringer, we’re more than just a food safety
compliance partner. We go further, think bigger,
and invest more to make the world around us a better,
safer, and more sustainable place to be.

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Where We've Come From

1900s – Food Industry Roots
1900s – Food Industry Roots

Family involvement in the British food industry spans three generations, from manufacturing the first frozen pies through to cattle and arable farming!

1999 – Klipspringer is born
1999 – Klipspringer is born

Building on this farm-to-fork know-how, the Carlyon family form Klipspringer - a specialist provider of equipment for the food industry.

2003 – UKAS Accreditation
2003 – UKAS Accreditation

With a growing customer base, Klipspringer gains UKAS accreditation for temperature calibration.

2008 – Leading the way
2008 – Leading the way

Klipspringer expands its range of food contact colour-coded utensils to 8 colour options, later adding 3 further colours.

2011 – Incorporation & ISO 9001
2011 – Incorporation & ISO 9001

With continued growth, Klipspringer becomes a limited company and achieves ISO 9001 certification.

2014 – Pioneering Shadow Boards
2014 – Pioneering Shadow Boards

As the first dedicated provider of shadow boards, Klipspringer invests in state-of-the-art shadow board manufacturing facilities.

2015 – BRCGS Partnership
2015 – BRCGS Partnership

Now with over 3,000 customers, Klipspringer becomes recognised as a BRCGS partner organisation.

2018 – Hospitality horizons
2018 – Hospitality horizons

Working with brands including Five Guys, McDonalds and Whitbread, Klipspringer further expands into the hospitality and foodservice sector.

2021 – The journey continues
2021 – The journey continues

Klipspringer clarifies its vision to become the dependable partner of choice for food safety compliance across the complete food sector.


In the food sector, standards are high, markets are demanding and the margin for error is non-existent.  Our rigorous commitment to compliance and continuous improvement is underpinned by external accreditation including UKAS, ISO 9001 and our ongoing BRCGS partnership.

UKAS Accreditation

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Why "Klipspringer"?

Good question. The Klipspringer is a small species of Antelope found in southern and eastern Africa. Renowned for its surefootedness and agility, this amazing mammal is also known for having astute listening skills and adaptability in even the most challenging situations. Little wonder it was the inspiration for Klipspringer’s company name back in 1999!

Surefooted - Agile - Adaptable - Attentive