Bellingham & Stanley

Controlling the quality of the World’s most recognised food, beverage and industrial products since 1914.

Xylem’s Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing refractometers and polarimeters since 1915 and today remain as one of the world’s leading suppliers to many globally recognised brands.

From simple optical instruments calibrated in °Brix or other application specific scales, latest Eclipse refractometers offer simplicity with robust manufacture helping to ensure reliable results time-after-time, whilst the digital OPTI refractometer makes things far simpler by taking any human interpretation away from the operator, including automatic correction for changes in temperature (ATC) and even an indicator to inform the user if too much ambient light is entering the optical system, say when operated within a brightly lit cellar or warehouse.

For larger factory environments, the RFM700 Series of refractometers offer robustness and reliability. Whether it be a cooking sauce, hot boiled jam or complex beverage, RFM300+ Series of Peltier temperature controlled refractometers are versatile whilst simple to use. A colour-coded on-screen menu cleverly guides the operator through the user and password protected configuration menus making the instrument easy to use and set-up. 

Similar principles are applied to the latest ADP polarimeters used within the confectionery industry to control blend ratios of complex sugar solutions.