Instrumentation that can be relied on

Ebro Electronics deep in the heart of Bavarian Ingolstadt has been producing quality measurement for over 40 years. Klipspringer has been promoting the Ebro brand with its accurate waterproof thermometers since 1999, and now supports thousands of these reliable instruments successfully sold to food processors throughout the UK with their own service and UKAS approved calibration laboratory.

Ebro pioneered the art of the quality of food oil at high temperatures during food preparation, using electronic technology – copied but never beaten. Klipspringer has completed nearly 20 years of experience with the food oil monitor, assisting mainstream fast food operators to achieve uniformity in texture, taste and appearance, and to achieve significant savings in oil costs. Reflecting current concerns regarding the development of harmful substances released when food oils are over-used, Klipspringer is concerned to protect the health of the nation

  • Precision thermometers
  • Food Safety test kits
  • Frying oil monitors
  • Humidity, vacuum & temperature dataloggers
  • Portable digital refractometers
  • Evaluation software

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