KS Prism

Managing by colour

KsPrism represent the industry choice of food contact approved hygiene and production equipment. It is exclusive to Klipspringer and the first to offer up to 11 truly distinct colours. Over 3,000 combinations of type, size and colour are available in stock for same-day despatch.

What makes discerning operators choose Ks PRISM products?

Recognised for durability, effectiveness and value for money, KsPrism articles are the preferred choice of nearly 3000 production, distribution and retail operators nationwide. Working with hygiene and production operatives, and listening carefully to their comments, enables Klipspringer to stay ahead through innovation and product development. For those who require consistent uniformity of product performance supported by the very best in service, you can understand what makes discerning operators choose the KsPrism brand.

Speak to a Ks PRISM colour coding specialist at Klipspringer today to discuss how Ks PRISM solutions will benefit you - call 01473 461 800.