KS Prism

Ks PRISM is the first and only range to offer food contact approved hygiene and production equipment in 11 truly distinct colours – white, blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange, purple, grey, brown and pink.  More than 3,000 combinations of type, size and colour are available for same day dispatch exclusively from Klipspringer.

Established as a symbol of quality, durability, reliability and also innovation, many of the UK’s largest (and smallest) food and beverage processors rely on Ks PRISM utensils to help meet their stringent compliance requirements.

What makes blue-chip companies choose Ks PRISM products?

It is simple – you cannot beat the specialists! A bold claim this may be, but a one-stop shop cannot, and does not, have the expert knowledge, skills or passion that is evident in Ks PRISM. Rather than be all things to everybody, Ks PRISM focuses on helping food and pharmaceutical manufacturers excel at compliance in colour coding. Great consideration of utensil ergonomics helps maximise operator performance. Applying 5S and lean management principles, all part of the drive for continuous improvement, works towards reducing equipment downtime and increasing working life of hygiene and production tools. So much so, Ks PRISM is widely recognised as a way of thinking and operating – a system that delivers so much more than basic utensils!

Speak to a Ks PRISM colour coding specialist at Klipspringer today to discuss how Ks PRISM solutions will benefit you - call 01473 461 800.