Laza Precision

Committed to innovative solutions in temperature measurement, Laza Precision has become recognised across industry as a brand that can be relied on in processing environments, logistics, retail and service outlets.
Laza Precision instruments

All LAZA Precision instruments conform to 3 simple objectives: 

  • Supports compliance – innovative technology to reduce risk of non-conformances.
  • Simple to operate – functionality designed to be used with ease.
  • Ergonomically designed – comfortable, easy to cleanse and conform to IP67 waterproofness
  • Backed by Klipspringer in-house service and calibration facilities.

From fast response penetration temperature probes to air probes, and oven bead probes to between-pack probes, the LAZA Precision range also includes infrared thermometers. 

LAZAPORT calibrators, part of the LAZA Precision portfolio, significantly increase the speed and accuracy of your testing procedures, saving time, money and helping you meet compliance requirements you previously thought impossible or not financially viable to conform to.

Find out just how LAZA Precision instruments can benefit you – call technical support on 01473 461 800 today.