When size is everything, the Micrologger stands taller at being smaller. 

Low cost temperature monitoring with a host of potential applications from cold rooms, freezers, fridges, chill chain, core cooking temperature and environmental ambients. 

Microloggers are supported by bespoke software providing for temperature limits, with temporised parameters, date, time and location ID, start delay function etc. Compact data loggers with unique download techniques and a range of useful accessories. 

✓ Only 17.5Ø x 5mm. 

✓ Low cost logger suitable for cool chain, in process and transit applications. 

✓ Discreet, tamperproof housing. Ideal for essential monitoring in public or highly visible areas (egretail, public transport).

✓ Saves time; ideal where high numbers of logging points are scattered.

✓ Excellent memory: >8192 readings.

✓ Suitable for wash cycles (when used with L1922CAP capsule).