With cleaning contractors in more than 80 countries worldwide putting trust in Unger quality, our company has gained international reputation as a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance tools.

At Unger we have been manufacturing cleaning products and systems since 1964. In that time we've learned a lot about what makes great tools. Plus, we listen to our customers’ feedback - all of it.

Globally acknowledged for revolutionizing the window cleaning industry over the past 50 years, we continue to innovate and expand our product lines. Today our range includes also high quality floor mopping system, specialist bathroom cleaning tools and general purpose microfibre cloths – all colour-coded to deliver the highest standard of professional cleaning.

Unger cleaning tools provide simple solutions for many cleaning tasks, enabling professionals to perform their job better, faster and easier. Designed with end user safety, comfort and efficiency in mind, they help professionals to perform their job better, faster and easier.

We aim to stand apart from the rest thanks to our special "Yes We Can!" service spirit. We love what we do and as proof of that, we promise to deliver a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every product and service we offer. This ensures that every Unger product you purchase meets your high standards - or you can return it for a replacement or refund.