Real time, wireless logging made simple without compromise.

Protect one of your most valuable assets, your product, by monitoring up to 11 parameters realtime via up to 120 wireless sensors. 

✓ Wireless 

✓ No software 

✓ No renewable licensing 

✓ No need for a dedicated PC. 3 tiers of user – (operative, manager, administrator). 

✓ Up to 10 passworded user for full security 

✓ Access data from any location globally via web browser. 

✓ Instant alarm notification via email or SMS. 

✓ Internal alarm sounders. 

✓ Instant alarm notification via email/SMS. 

✓ Modular – simple to add or relocate sensors as requirements change. 

✓ As little as 1 minute recording intervals. 

✓ Roaming sensor for recording in-transit data. 

✓ Up to 10 years data storage ‘on-board’.

✓ Protected from signal interference of other wireless devices. 

✓ Extensive wireless signal range – (infinite with repeater modules). 

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