Case Studies

  • Finding Segregation a stretch?  How SegriScreen rose to the occasion for Andy Rowe...

    Finding Segregation a stretch? How SegriScreen rose to the occasion for Andy Rowe...

    Find out how the Segriscreen X-TEND helped to combat Andy's segregation and hygiene challenges within his food factory. 

  • Five Guys Case Study

    Five Guys Case Study

    Find out how Klipspringer's FOM330 Food Oil Monitor helped Five Guys to prove compliance, ensure product consistency and analyse cooking oil usage to identify where oil is being changed prematurely. 

  • AG Barr

    AG Barr

    Find out how Klipspringer SegriScreens helped improve segregation and reduce cleaning time in the AG Barr factory.

  • Tesco Maintenance

    Tesco Maintenance

    Find out why Tesco introduced Klipspringer shadow boards and colour coded cleaning utensils across the UK and Ireland...

  • Andrew's of Hadleigh

    Andrew's of Hadleigh

    Andrew chose SenseAnywhere for 24/7 fridge/freezer temperature monitoring and alarms of storage, preperation and retail environments.

  • Deli Lites

    Deli Lites

    Deli Lites have 5 zones. Handling all the different equipment in a hygienic manner and keeping it captive to its area of use was proving difficult to manage...

  • Fulfil UK

    Fulfil UK

    Fulfil UK is family-owned company in Hampshire. Bryan Fowler’s role carries a wide range of responsibilities, the most important being food safety...

  • Kerry Ingredients

    Kerry Ingredients

    Alex MacDonald, Operational Excellence Lead and now Production Unit Lead at Tenbury Wells chose Klipspringer for his shadow boards and signage.

  • L'Aquila


    L’Aquila specialise in the storage and distribution of ambient and chilled ingredients. Find out why they turned to SenseAnywhere.

  • Mission Foods

    Mission Foods

    Find out how Klipspringer shadow boards were able to help Manufacturing Manager Steven Mckellar in separating his equipment.

  • Warburtons


    Following the completion of a successful shadow board and colour coding review with Warburtons', we had a quick Q&A session with Mike Pennington.