Introduction to Klipspringer

We are market leaders in delivering the highest quality innovative products to inspire and lead change within any production environment.

Nowhere else is final product integrity more important than in the food industry. Standards are high, market conditions demanding, and margin for error practically non-existent.

In such an environment, the words "trustworthy" and "dependable" take on a whole new meaning and at Klipspringer we are committed to helping you achieve “compliance with confidence” day-in, day-out.

Trusted by great brands - Klipspringer is proud to have a knowledgeable, professional and friendly team to help with all your compliance requirements.

Our product range is extensive -

the below highlights some of our most popular products View our extensive product range specifically for the food service sector:

Bespoke Shadow Boards

A place for everything and everything in its place.

  • Improve operator efficiencies.
  • Enhance customer perception.
  • Reduce spend on cleaning utensils.

Our bespoke colour coded shadow boards are an essential for 5S and lean management!

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Wireless Monitoring

Designed and manufactured for optimum reliability, accuracy and durability.

  • 24/7 monitoring gives you a complete audit trail with data always available.
  • Instant alarms via email or text as soon as one sensor exceeds your limits for more than the allowed time.
  • Peace of mind that you can access your system anywhere at any time via the Cloud.

Temperature, humidity and motion logging has never been easier than from Klipspringer!

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Hygiene Brushware

More than 500 combinations of food contact approved Hygiene Brushware.

  • Range is available in up to 11 distinct and unmistakable colours.
  • Designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments, therefore lasting a lifetime in a restaurant!
  • Certified food grade / food contact approved.

Whatever your application demands, we offer a suitable solution designed for that purpose!

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Designed and manufactured for optimum reliability, accuracy and durability.

  • The Klipspringer Instrumentation range includes industry leading food oil monitors, thermometers and temperature data loggers.
  • Equipment to help you reduce your oil spend by up to 50%!
  • All supported by UKAS calibration laboratory with fast turnaround.

Ensure compliance with confidence to strict food safety guidelines!

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