Every thing we do at Klipspringer is governed by our company values.  

From new product development to recruitment, these six values form the foundation and the test for every decision we make.  Click the + button against each value for a brief description of how we define and deliver it.
We are what we say and we won't pretend to be anything else.  We tell it as it is.
Whatever we do is underpinned by stability, uniformity and constancy.
Together we are stronger and smarter than the sum of our parts. That includes our team, our customers and our suppliers.

Norms are there to be challenged - we are always looking for smarter ways of doing things.
We are always willing to listen, understand and debate. 
We cultivate, support and grow our people and ideas - we never give up.
These six values combine to create ACTION - the ingredient essential to helping our customers fulfil their objectives. 

Each December we hold the Klipspringer Action Stars Awards, where all the team come together to acknowledge and congratulate key members of staff who have excelled in each of our core values.  Keep an eye on the news page for the latest winners!

Don't just take our word for it - please put us to the test and let us know how we are doing!