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Probably nowhere else is final product integrity more important than in food and beverage manufacturing. Standards are high, market conditions are demanding and margin for error is practically non-existent. In such an environment, the words ‘’trustworthy’’ and ‘‘dependable’’ take on a whole new meaning.  

At Klipspringer, our passionate team of industry experts are committed to helping the UK's food and drink manufacturers achieve "compliance with confidence" day-in and day-out.  Read on to find out how we strive to achieve this.

Our Product Range

By embracing the principles of 5S and lean management, the Klipspringer team drive continuous improvement projects to minimise downtime, improve efficiency, reduce consumable expenditure, and improve compliance in 11 key areas.

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  • Instrumentation
  • Shadow boards and utensil storage
  • Colour coded hygiene brushware
  • Squeegees, scourers and cleaning pads
  • Handles
  • Production equipment
  • Detectable equipment
  • IndeliMark - Indelible Marking
  • Materials handling
  • SegriScreen - Hygiene/Washdown Screens
  • Spill containment and control
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Specialist food PPE
  • Facilities management
  • ESD tools


    All Klipspringer’s systems and processes comply with ISO9001 Standards and are subject to annual audit to maintain this accreditation. A culture of continuous improvement is intended to ensure that Customer Service goes from strength to strength.

    We welcome feedback from our valued customers (and potentials!) nationwide to be certain that our standards agree with your expectations. Please call us on 01473 461800.

    Klipspringer is also a UKAS accredited laboratory for temperature calibration in accordance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 and can undertake the calibration of most makes and models of digital thermometer available including (but not limited to) Comark, Kane & May, Hanna, Digitron, ETI, Thermapen, Sensor-Tech, Testo, Ebro, and Laza Precision.
    We are pleased to confirm that, as of January 2015, Klipspringer is officially a BRC Partner, further endorsing Klipspringer as a first class provider of products and services relevant to the BRC Global audience. For more information please visit www.brcglobalstandards.com.

    Customer Service

    In a world where customer service is typically over-promised and under-delivered, we rely on customer evaluation to tell us whether we meet your expectations. Feedback would suggest our clients choose Klipspringer because:

    • We are what we say we are
    • We do what we say we'll do
    • If we're wrong (it does sometimes happen!) we'll say we're wrong and put it right
    • We'll do everything we can to help - we know what the pressure of audits can be like
    • And, without being complacent, we know what we're talking about.  Our clients appreciate talking to customer service agents and account managers who 'know their stuff', but please, put us to the test and tell us what you honestly think.

    Our History

    Our association with the food industry spans at least 5 generations – it must be in the blood! From cereal production to fattening prime beef cattle, and operating abattoir and meat product production for national retailers, to establishing one of UK’s largest foodservice companies, we have been hands on for over a century!

    In 1999, Klipspringer was born out of a desire to help the food and beverage industry achieve “compliance with confidence”. Here’s a few milestones in the years between then and now.

    Since then we have supplied tens of thousands of TFX392 and ATFX410 IP67 waterproof thermometers to the most demanding applications involving water, steam and condensation. The IRTLC730 has become an industry leader in dual probe thermometry and a favourite of inspectors and EHOs across the country. In the data logging field, LEBI-20 and LEBI-300 loggers have proved themselves to be exceptional at providing unquestionable proof in the simplest possible way. The list could go on.
    Under the Ks name, we launch our own brand of colour coded, food contact approved hygiene and production utensils in the original five distinct colours. Manufactured to the highest standards, Ks products have a high shine finish, and are moulded at high pressure to ensure product density and robustness.
    Following months of collaboration, research and development, the Ebro FOM food oil quality meter is launched for McDonalds Restaurants. In line with our focus on “compliance with confidence”, FOM food oil monitors assist McDonalds in ensuring consistency of fries across all restaurants around the world and reducing the use of over-used cooking oil and the associated health risks. 12 years later we are still the preferred option for all company owned McDonald’s stores in the UK.
    Klipspringer becomes a UKAS accredited laboratory for temperature calibration in accordance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We shake the market up with our ferocious turn-around times. So much so that UKAS have to tell us to slow down!
    When the very first metal detectable pens were launched in the UK, we were right in there helping our clients reduce the foreign body risk in production.
    Under the Ks brand, we were the first to add black, orange and purple food contact approved utensils to our range, all held in stock for same day despatch. With industry leading stocks and same day despatch as standard, Klipspringer quickly becomes the preferred option of large and small food and beverage manufacturers.
    Due to high ‘next-day’ demand for our heavy duty materials handling products, we started stocking our food contact approved, colour coded interstacking bins in all four sizes for same day despatch. The 10 day lead time on interstacking bins was banished!
    We passed our inaugural ISO9001 audit with zero non-conformances!
    Thanks to our loyal customers, Klipspringer’s aggressive growth continues unabated. The directors decide that we ought to be a limited company and not a partnership.
    As continuous improvement and lean management initiatives gain momentum, Klipspringer responds to comments by a leading audit body that 60% of audit non-conformance issues relate to poor housekeeping and care of small manufacturing and production utensils. Our direct-print Shadow Boards are introduced with great success.
    Time for a refresh – the established and trusted colour coded brand, Ks, evolves into Ks PRISM.
    We introduce the LAZA Precision brand of instruments, starting with the LAZATHERM 700 and LAZASCAN210.
    Following customer requests, Klipspringer is the first to offer 10 truly distinct colour options of food grade hygiene and production utensils with the addition of grey and brown. No one has caught us up yet!
    Product integrity demands no compromise, so we launch Retreeva Global as our own brand of metal and x-ray detectable products, starting with the Retreeva Global pen. No longer was writing with a detectable pen a chore thanks to the ergonomic design and quality material used. It doesn’t shatter and the clip is 99.99% unbreakable. What’s more, it doesn’t need a spring further reducing the foreign body risk. Pen sales soar globally.
    Clients who prefer the design, durability and performance of our Ks PRISM brushware persuade us to offer resin-set to meet supplier requirements. We’re not convinced that resin-set is the only way to go, but it is a great success!
    Our team of Ks PRISM and LAZA Precision specialists are bought together into one team. They now present themselves as Klipspringer.
    The success of Ks PRISM Shadow Boards over the last three years means we need to install our third new printer! Our impressive new flatbed printer delivers even better clarity and colour consistency, as well as printing five times as fast!
    The BRC Global Standards team launch Klipspringer as an Approved Partner, further endorsing the compliance solutions we provide.
    To maintain our levels of customer-service and support the continued growth of Klipspringer, a new full-service ERP system was commissioned in July 2015.  This combined the majority of our in-house systems delivery greater efficiency for our team, our customers and our suppliers.
    Klipspringer launch the glass/hard plastic and allergen spillage kits which prove to be a resounding success!
    Further innovation in the world of shadow boards with the launch of two new shadow board wall mounting designs, hygiene stainless steel frames designed for food factories and also three new methods of attaching utensils to shadow boards. Click here to find out more.
    Klipspringer's focus on  compliance solutions to food factory dilemmas results in the launch of the washable safety shoe - EziProtekta.  In addition to being washable (improving hygiene and reducing bad odours), EziProtekta also reduces ongoing footwear costs as each pair lasts longer.
    Klipspringer's programme of investing for the future continues with the installation of the new shadow board print room to meet increasing demand for our visual management solutions. Another new large format flatbed printer, precision cutter and heat sealed laminator increase production capacity tenfold.
    To overcome the challenges presented by stainless steel furniture in food factories, Klipspringer launch the Sealwise range of silver-impregnated antibacterial furniture.
    Despite already being the market leader with a hygiene range of 10 colours (including grey and brown), Klipspringer launches colour number 11 - pink - in support of food safety and segregation.
    As the industry continues to focus on continuous improvement and lean management, the demand for visual management continues to grow.  Following extensive customer requests, and with the latest design and print technology in-house, Klipspringer adds bespoke visual management solutions to our food safety portfolio.
    The new Klipspringer website launches May 2017 and is completely integrated with our back-office systems to give customers the best experience possible.  Every month additional features are added to make your job easier - watch this space.
    Hygiene and technical managers finally have a truly factory-friendly way to mount shadow boards using Klipspringer’s fixing-free magnetic mounting.  This massively reduces installation time, avoids drilling into wall cladding and means that shadow boards and signage can instantly be removed from walls for cleaning and relocation.
    True to Klipspringer’s innovative and forward-looking approach, the SegriScreen is launched for hygienic factory segregation, all in a mobile unit that is easy to clean and effortless to store.
    Klipspringer again leads the market by introducing the all-new method for ensuring traceability and accountability to mobile equipment.  Whether it’s for segregating between allergens, designating equipment to a factory area or simply just introducing tool ownership, Indelimarking is the only truly food-safe and hygienic method of utensil marking.
    In line with an expanding clientele in the non-food industry sector, the new Klipspringer shadow board website is launched – embracing visual management, tool boards, cleaning stations and other innovative solutions for forward-thinking professionals.  View the website here.
    A product of continuous scrutiny and development alongside discerning industry professionals, Klipspringer introduces two new variants to the SegriScreen family.  PLUS offers additional height to minimise overspray and cater to taller production lines, whilst X-TEND revolutionises joining the screens together to create a continuous waterproof and mobile barrier.
    In addition to temperature and weight calibration, customers can now also rely on Klipspringer’s exceptional customer service and turnaround times for their humidity calibration.  After a meticulous audit process by independent accreditation body UKAS, Klipspringer proudly is awarded humidity calibration capability.
    Whether it’s line performance, sampling or CCP testing, this all-new mobile station provides a hygienic, factory-friendly mobile unit for multiple uses in the food industry and beyond.

    Who We Work With

    From pasture to plate, Klipspringer is privileged to work with some of the biggest names in the food industry – to name a few: