7 Key Areas to Consider in Post-Coronavirus Food Manufacturing

As Covid-19 has taken its course, we have seen lifestyles adapted in ways that will continue even after lockdown orders are eased. This is particularly relevant to social distancing; for many, this has become a way of life and is rapidly transitioning from a series of conscious decisions, to an automatic and subconscious thought-process.​ ​ 

In recent days, it has become clear that we will have to maintain a significant level of social distancing until we have a vaccine available. With a mass-produced vaccine potentially being months away, social distancing is here to stay – for the medium-term at least.​ ​ 

This blog considers some of the changes and new processes that will likely be required to most effectively prepare for reopening, or at least bringing all staff back, after lockdown. Those who prepare best are sure to be safely back up to speed the fastest.

Stay Safe. Stay United. Stay Positive. Come out Stronger.