As we enter a new year, the trends we can expect to see are beginning to emerge across most industries. From fashion to technology, the predictions are in, and we’ve been given a little hint of what 2019 might hold. Regarding the food and drink industry, there is a range of new trends emerging that will stir things up a little, and food production factories, as well as restaurants, shops, and others in the industry, should certainly be taking note.

Tahini Desserts

It’s been a few years now since tahini was first popularised and it’s become a household product in many homes, but now the sesame-seed based spread is taking on a new, sweeter life. Tahini has begun to be used in desserts, not in a dissimilar way to the peanut butter craze. From tahini ice cream and milkshakes to becoming an ingredient in fruity muffins, it’s set to be a big hit in 2019.

Veganism Continues Rising

Initially labelled as a ‘fad-diet’, it’s ever-increasing popularity and the surrounding public conversation is slowly but surely cementing veganism as a new, very prominent way of life. In 2019, the animal-product-free diet is set to increase even more, with demand for vegan alternatives in stores continuing to rise as a result of a strong Veganuary campaign kicking off the year. By the looks of it, the future of veganism remains safe.

Drinks for an Easier Sleep

Regarding the drinks industry, one idea that’s begun to be picked up by celebrities and is slowly filtering down to become a regular, household product are drinks to help you sleep. Natural sleep enhancers, such as valerian, lemon peel, and chamomile claim benefits of assisting the drinker in falling asleep quicker and wake up feeling far more refreshed. Herbal sleep remedies certainly aren’t a new idea, but these drinks are about to cause a stir.

Cabbage Creativity

After the recent popularity of cauliflower, it’s time for another vegetable to step up and steal the limelight for a moment, and that vegetable is cabbage. A very versatile ingredient, cabbage can be incorporated into a variety of meals, from cabbage lasagne to cabbage leaf enchiladas.

Love for Ugly Fruits

There’s been a fair amount of outrage at the idea that fruit and vegetables are thrown out and considered unfit for sale just because they don’t look aesthetically pleasing enough. In many people’s books, a banana is a banana, and a carrot is a carrot, regardless of a few extra bumps and lumps. This is why supermarkets and online delivery companies have begun to sell the ‘ugly’ or ‘imperfect’ produce – usually at discounted rates – and it’s set to become a popular way to shop in 2019.

Healthier Breakfasts

Though we don’t expect the likes of sugary, children-friendly cereals to disappear off of supermarket shelves anytime soon, the rise in demand for healthier breakfasts is undoubtedly bringing about more alternatives. With big brands starting to introduce pro-biotic and protein-based cereals, as well as those with more fruit and grains, and less artificial flavours, you can expect a healthier start to your day.

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Posted on 04/02/2019