The Ebro Food Oil Monitor 330 from Klipspringer gives you an objective indication of your oil quality, so that you know exactly when your cooking oil requires changing.​ ​  From a single foodservice kitchen to a multi-location group, it is widely used to maintain product quality, including taste, appearance and texture, as well as critical food safety standards and acrylamide control.​ ​

As a general rule, we advise checking cooking oil quality at the end of each trading day, while the fryers are still hot.​

A clean probe sensor is of great importance for the accuracy of the oil measurements. It is absolutely necessary to remove any water and detergent residues before carrying out your oil checking routine.​ ​

We recommend that you return your FOM330 to Klipspringer’s Service Department on an annual basis for calibration and service. This will ensure that it is working accurately and is critical to maximise the working life of your instrument. You can arrange calibration by clicking here.​

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