Is your business making dangerous mistakes with allergen segregation?

Who’s it for?

Our guide is for food producers, food suppliers, food retailers - anyone in the culinary ecosystem. It has ideas on the future of allergen segregation that senior staff may not have considered yet and will give junior staff a great intro into why allergen segregation is so important. 

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Why should you care?

Of 159 recalls made by the Food Standards Agency in 2015, 60.4% were allergy alerts. Meanwhile the number of allergen-related incidents reported to the FSA is growing year-on-year: 89 in 2013, 127 in 2014 and 206 in 2015. Despite many food businesses implementing allergen segregation controls, more needs to be done.

You cannot afford a blasé approach to allergen segregation. Get it wrong and you endanger the wellbeing of consumers, dent your bottom line and put the future of your business in jeopardy. But if you get allergen segregation right. You save money, you keep consumers happy and you enhance your reputation with suppliers, buyers and retailers.

What will you learn?

Allergen segregation is a big topic. Our guide is not exhaustive. There is a lot of valuable information in there that should improve the way your site handles allergen segregation.
Here’s a few things we cover:
  • How to create a foolproof system for labelling allergens 
  • How to get ALL staff on board with allergen segregation
  • The role of your hygiene equipment and cleaning in allergen segregation 
  • Where to place spill stations across your site 
...and an awful lot more.

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Who are we?

The guide was written by Klipspringer staff Sheena Britton, Technical Compliance Manager, and Guy Bush, Compliance and CI Enthusiast. Together they have many years of experience in food safety compliance and BRC accreditation.

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Posted on 11/08/2017