10 Tips for Implementing Social Distancing in Food & Beverage Factories

It’s clear to everybody that manufacturers of food and beverages are essential businesses that must continue to operate throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic. At Klipspringer, it’s our mission every day to provide the support required to make this possible.

Yet what’s not clear is how these essential manufacturing organisations are expected to keep critical production running whilst implementing government advice to maintain social distancing of 'one metre plus' between workers.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten tips on how social distancing could work practically in a factory environment.  They may sound simple, yet all too often it's the simple things which get overlooked.

At Klipspringer, we understand it is a difficult time for all of our customers as they continue to provide essential products in a challenging world scene. With this in mind, all of our business functions continue to be operational and we are committed to fully supporting all of our stakeholders over the coming days and weeks. We have created a dedicated Coronavirus Hub to support you in the best way we can - check it out using the button below.

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What other key points or success stories can you share that have helped you improve social distancing in your food or beverage factory? We'd love to hear from you!  Call us on +44(0)1473 461800 or email insights@klipspringer.com

Stay Safe. Stay United.  Stay Positive.  Come out Stronger.