Adobe FlashPlayer and your WatchmanOne MIDI

As of the end of December 2020, Adobe no longer supports FlashPlayer, and from mid-January 2021 will actively prevent the product from working.  Read on to find out how this affects your Klipspringer WatchmanOne MIDI Monitoring System.

First things first...

Despite these changes, your WatchmanOne system is still working. Your data is being recorded and saved in the usual way.  You will also still be receiving real time alarms (if you have the realtime upgrade), so there's no need to panic!

The only part of your monitoring system that will have changed is the ability to view graphs.  As this system was superseded in 2017 our recommendation is to upgrade your system to the either the WatchmanOne Velocity system or alternatively SenseAnywhere.

This article will show you a simple workaround to quickly identify any readings out of specification on your MIDI. 

Important: this article is specific to WatchmanOne MIDI systems.  If you have the WatchmanOne DATA Centre system, please click here

Here's the most effective way to review your MIDI data without Flash Player...

  • Remove the back-up USB memory stick from the back of your WatchmanOne MIDI base station.
  • Plug the USB memory stick into your PC.
  • Open the relevant HTML file in any web browser (we recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome).
  • This will show open the data in tabular format.  
  • Any readings outside of alarm points will be in red (as per below example).

  • Alternatively, you can open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel and format using standard Excel functions (such as conditional formatting and graphs).

    Still confused?

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