Klipspringer launches new low-cost screen for social distancing in food production.

Klipspringer's range of SegriScreen mobile dividers has quickly become a firm favourite in food factories.  The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis and the requirement for social distancing increases the number of barriers/screens required in the immediate future for (what we hope) will be a relatively short period of time.  For factories with large numbers of operatives, the cost and operational element of putting screens in situ is also a significant concern. 

Klipspringer's R&D team have worked tirelessly to meet the requirements for social distancing screens provided to us by our customers.  You have told us you need:

  • Physical barrier - to overcome the 2 metre social distancing rule
  • Full height protection - to meet face protection requirements
  • Readily available - needed on site as soon as possible
  • Quick to install - no complicated or time-consuming set-up required
  • Free-standing and easy to move - no screwing or riveting to walls and/or floors
  • Hygienic design - hygiene teams are stretched enough as it is without too much extra work!
  • See-through option - transparent material option for staff welfare and visibility of production line.

Following customer review and feedback, production is now under way. Our manufacturing team will be ready to ship the first batch on Tuesday 31/03/20. We understand your urgency, so production will continue to run at full capacity for the foreseeable future. Beat the queue and order your SegriScreen Shield units today!