Due to popular demand we are offering our scrappage scheme again this year!

For each thermometer you return to us we are offering a £50 discount* on each ATXF410-1 waterproof probe thermometer you buy. Not only is the ATFX410-1 completely waterproof, crucially it’s resilient to steam and condensation.

Between now and the end of March 2019, you can trade in any make and model of thermometer for a £50 discount* off our list price. Our only stipulation is you buy a compatible probe and a protective boot too. You are welcome to trade in as many thermometers as you want, despite their condition.

View the full ATFX410-1 specification

View ATFX410-1 probe options

The ATFX410-1 has a reputation for being the most robust, reliable and accurate thermometer in the harshest environments, so this presents you with the opportunity to replace all your existing thermometers with the industry’s best! 

This scheme is available for a limited time only and must end 31st March 2019.

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us or complete the Contact Form below and we will contact you.

*£50 deduction from RRP when you buy a new ATFX10-1 thermometer, complete with probe of your choice and protective silicone boot.  Where special prices apply, scrappage discount will be off RRP.

How to claim your scrappage trade-in...

1. Place your order

Place your ATFX410-1 order with Klipspringer by email or phone, specifying you wish to participate in the thermometer scrappage scheme. Confirm required probe option and preferred protective silicone boot colour.

2. Returns form sent

Klipspringer will send you an official order acknowledgement, accompanied by a scrappage scheme returns form.

3. Complete returns form

Complete scrappage scheme returns form and send to Klipspringer with incumbent thermometers (address on form). 

4. Instruments Dispatched

On receipt of your scrap thermometers, your new instruments will be despatched on an overnight delivery service.  

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Posted on 18/02/2019