Introducing The New SegriScreen X-TEND

The all-new mobile barrier and hygiene screen system for the food industry, helping to keep production running and minimise washdown disruption, by creating effective zone isolation. Created in close collaboration with food industry leaders, the SegriScreen X-TEND functions as a continuous barrier to support segregation in food factories across the country. 

Creating effective barriers and screening has traditionally been difficult within the food industry, due to:

  • Overspray
  • Foreign body risk
  • Harbour bacteria
  • Lack of flexibility - straight lines only
  • Not readily available - bespoke design and build

SegriScreen overcomes all of these challenges - with a professional, hygienic and cost-effective solution.

  • Improve segregation
  • Reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Support best practice

Features of the SegriScreen Connected:

  • 1 Bespoke printed message or branding available (optional)
  • 2 Flexible Barrier - no need for straight lines
  • 3 Hygiene friendly design - no cracks or crevices 
  • 4 Available in 5 colours - white, blue, red, yellow and green
  • Waterproof - suitable for chemical washdowns
  • 6 Braked castor wheels
  • 7 Food factory friendly - stainless steel frame
  • 8 Individually serial numbered - for traceability
  • 9 Modular - add as many screens as required

Other features include: 

  • Creates a continuous barrier
  • Easy to move
  • Nests for efficient on-site movement and storage
  • Delivery flat-packed for effective transportation 
  • Ex-stock for same day despatch 
  • Patent pending design

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