The Importance of Good Customer Service in an Ever-Evolving Automated Environment

From self-checkouts to AI robots talking to customers, the world we live, work, and consume in is becoming ever more automated. There are a considerable number of perks to this, including removing (or, perhaps more accurately, reducing) the risk of human error, and streamlining basic procedures to reduce time wastage. However, is it the be all and end all of business?

An Automated World – What’s Missing?

While automation is a wonderful addition to the world of business and consumerism and can do wonders for improving efficiency in the food and drink production industry; there’s no doubt that good customer service is still crucial. Without it, all of the high-tech automated systems will be brought down to nothing.

Speed Matters

Now more than ever, customers expect quick responses from your business, which means your customer service needs to be as efficient and effective as it can be. One survey reported that almost three-quarters of people respond to a complaint on social media within one hour. If you don’t manage that, you’ll be left with unsatisfied customers and could lose business.

Build up a Relationship

While automated services can be an asset to a company when it comes to customer services, AI and similar methods of dealing with customers lack the empathy and connection that only a human touch can bring. Humans will be much more likely to build an emotional bond with another human, making this sort of customer service essential to building relationships with your clients – which is essential for repeat purchases.

Unhappy Customers Can Tell the Whole World

In an age where the whole world can be accessed at the touch of a button, having unhappy customers is worse than ever for business. As soon as they’re unsatisfied, they can leave reviews, ratings, and tell their story to anyone and everyone. Suddenly, your online reputation is tarnished, and the name of your brand won’t hold as much trust as it once did.

However, if you have good customer service, even the worst of situations can be turned around. By dealing with customer problems correctly, you can avoid disasters and maintain your company’s pristine reputation.

The New Generation Wants Customer Service

Without doing any research, you might think that the younger generation of consumers – millennials and generation Z – would be excited at the prospect of automated services, and perhaps less bothered by human-run customer service, but this isn’t the case. Millennials have been recorded as being willing to spend an extra 40% on efficient customer service that will make their experience quicker and easier. This proves how vital being able to interact and build relationships with your customers properly is, even in this modern, automated world.

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