Klipspringer have been privileged to support UK local authorities’ Food Safety Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) for many years.

With the vital role of enforcing hygiene and health legislation, there is no room for compromise in the standards that must be worked to. Klipspringer fully recognises this requirement and, through an unwavering commitment to both accuracy and reliability, enjoys an ongoing, solid partnership with EHOs across the UK and Ireland.

To assist with maintaining the necessary compliance standards, this page details some of Klipspringer’s most popular products and services for EHOs, auditors and inspectors. We can guarantee that these will also be coupled with a first-class customer experience from our friendly, professional support team – standard setting starts here!

– Rapid 2-3 working day turnaround with free equipment returns service

– Certified to UKAS-accredited national standards
– Wide range of instruments including any brand and model of thermometer, humidity meter, loggers and reference weights

– Free reminder service

– Quickly verify probe and infrared thermometers to a UKAS traceable standard.

– Perfect for daily/weekly checks – start the day with the full confidence that your equipment is functioning correctly!

– Faster and safer than traditional methods, saving valuable time and money.

– 2-part reference thermometer for rapid infrared surface checks, complete with a folding probe for further investigation when required

– Available for same-day dispatch, with or without calibration certification

“We have chosen to equip all of our team with this unit, not only because it is small and compact, but it’s also much quicker and safer for our EHO’s to use.  The probe can simply be folded in and out of the unit for a core temperature, whilst the infrared part provides an instant reading without risking cross-contamination from touching different foods.” – Westminster City Council 

– Top of the range thermometer, entirely suited for food contact and widely accepted as the standard for manufacturers, fast food outlets and inspectors.

– UKAS-calibrated waterproof unit with penetration probe, also supplied with protective carry case and wipes

– Available for same-day despatch, with or without UKAS calibration certification

– Stainless steel reference weights to M1 standard

– Each weight supplied in serial-numbered case for storage

– Initial and ongoing UKAS calibration service available

– The monitor provides an accurate and objective indication of oil quality, avoiding significant health risks and poor product quality arising from the over-use of cooking oil for fried food.

– Reduces food oil waste by up to 52%.