Are the food handling containers at your site suited to your application? In this article, we examine the customisation options available for stainless steel EuroBins.

Also known as Tote Bins, EuroBins are used across the food production industry for the storage, transfer, and lifting of products. Thanks to their strength, durability, and hygienic design, standard EuroBins are a popular choice of equipment.

However, with a growing number of sites displaying an interest in customisation, we wanted to take a closer look at the options for adapting your EuroBins – introducing features that reflect the specific needs of your operation and making life easier for the operatives working at your site.

What are the Different Capacity Options?

The first point to consider is the capacity of your Eurobins. You need to think about how much you need your tote bins to carry, the type of ingredients or products that need to be transported, and how much space you have on site to store your collection of bins. Here at Klipspringer, we provide EuroBins with the following capacity options:

  • 120ltr
  • 200ltr
  • 300ltr
  • 400ltr
  • 450ltr

It is also worth noting that although the list above covers the standard sizes of EuroBins, we are not limited to this selection.

If your site has a specific requirement, you can contact us on 01473 461800 or to learn more about the other options available.

What are the Different Wheel Colours?

EuroBin wheels are available in a selection of colours, with examples including white, blue, and green. This could help your operatives to distinguish between EuroBins with different purposes, even assigning them to specific zones of your site.

Tuffx Identification Tags could also be used for this purpose, as they are available in eight different colours. Designed with the harsh environment of a factory mind, they can be attached to your EuroBins as an additional means of identification.

Customisation Option One: Perforation

Perforated containers could prove invaluable when it comes to protecting the freshness of the products and ingredients at your site. Instead of moisture and heat being trapped inside the EuroBins, the perforated sides allow for the uninterrupted circulation of air.

This is incredibly important when it comes to the transport or storage of freshly baked items such as bread, cakes, and biscuits. EuroBins with perforated sides could also be of use for sites that handle fresh fruit and vegetables with the potential to wilt or spoil.

Offering a further level of personalisation, different sized perforations are available. This means that you can select the option that is best suited to your site and applications. To learn more about the size range, you can contact us on 01473 461800 or

Customisation Option Two: Wastage Bins

Designed for use alongside common factory equipment such as check weighing systems and metal detectors, Wastage EuroBins, also known as Reject EuroBins, will help your operatives to collect, store, and control the waste at your site. Whilst an open tote bin or container could result in damaged or contaminated products being reintroduced to the production line, a closed bin with such a narrow entry point eliminates any room for confusion. Wastage bins can even be locked for added security. Then, as soon as the rejects need to be disposed of or the EuroBin needs to be cleaned, the lid can be removed with ease.

Customisation Option Three: Chuted Bills

If the operatives at your site spend a lot of time moving ingredients in and out of containers, you could save them a significant amount of time and effort with the introduction of EuroBins that have chuted bills.

Designed for the specific purpose of pouring liquids, this customised tote bin will reduce the risk of a costly and potentially dangerous spill. Another benefit of this EuroBin design is that it is compatible with the most common tote bin lifts, so instead of your operatives struggling to tip, empty, and clean the EuroBins, this process can be automised.

Customisation Option Four: Mesh Inserts

Another option to explore is EuroBins with a mesh insert. This design feature is the ideal choice if your site handles products or ingredients that need to be drained, as any liquid or moisture will simply run through the mesh, leaving just the product or ingredient to sit in the basket.

Another benefit of this style of EuroBin is that it is easy to keep clean, as the mesh insert can be removed by your hygiene team, rid of any debris, then returned ahead of production. Both the outer EuroBin and the inner mesh basket have durable stainless steel handles that will make this process easier.

Customisation Option Five: Electropolishing

Stainless steel surfaces that have been electropolished possess an electrical charge that prevents bacterial growth. Consequently, electropolished EuroBins are even more hygienic than the standard stainless steel design. If your EuroBins are likely to be exposed to corrosive chemicals, this is another reason to consider this customisation option, as the electropolishing process improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel equipment. Finally, thanks to it’s ultra-smooth surface, and reduced roughness, an electropolished EuroBin will be even easier for your Hygiene Team to keep clean.

Customisation Option Six: Raised Handles

Ergonomically designed equipment is an essential for any site that hopes to secure long term savings, maintain an efficient operation, and safeguard its operatives. With this in mind, you have the option of customising the EuroBins at your factory to include raised handles. Working in tandem with the diamond wheel pattern at the base of the Eurobins, the raised handle allows for extra manoeuvrability and ease of steering. Ergonomic designs work to support the natural posture of the body, with the raised handle preventing your operatives from stooping or pushing the EuroBin at an awkward angle.

Customisation Option Seven: Drainage Valves

If any of the applications carried out at your site involve liquids or ingredients and products with a high moisture content, selecting a EuroBin design that features a drainage valve at the base could significantly speed up the process of these materials being transferred or emptied out by your operatives.

Drainage valves could also make life easier for your Hygiene Team, as during a deep clean, they will be able to hose down the EuroBins and force any water or chemical cleaning agents out of the valve instead of leaning into the EuroBin to remove them.

Customisation Option Eight: Lid Trollies

Made from grade 304 stainless steel and featuring a welded stainless steel handle, EuroBin lids are a popular accompaniment to our 200ltr EuroBins. Helping sites to further protect their products and ingredients, these lids are pyramid shape to ensure any liquids and debris flow away from the contents of the bins without risking contamination. Because of this pyramid shape, the size of the lids, and the importance of hygienic storage, you need to consider where you are going to keep your lids when they are not in use. Many sites turn to lid trollies for this purpose, safely storing multiple lids in one easily accessible location.

You now have a list of the different customisation options available for Eurobins, along with the information you need to ensure your finished EuroBins are put to good use at your site.

If you require any further guidance, the Klipspringer team would be happy to help with your enquiries. You can contact us on 01473 461800 or Alternatively, you can use the form below to arrange a consultation

If you would like further guidance relating to EuroBins, the Klipspringer team would be happy to help. Share your details below to arrange a free consultation.