In this article we guide you through the process of introducing SegriCovers to your factory, helping you to decide if they are the right solution for your site.

Designed with food factories in mind, a SegriCover is a bespoke, heavy-duty solution for equipment protection. It can help to:

    • Maximise hygiene
    • Minimise downtime
    • Promote sustainability
    • Reduce consumable costs
    • Boost productivity

However, with some sites still relying on single-use plastic covers for the protection of their equipment, you may be wondering if a SegriCover is a necessity or just an added extra.

This is something we hope to address in the following article, covering five questions to ask yourself if you are considering a SegriCover project. There are valuable takeaways in each section, but you can also use the links below to skip to the subject most relevant to your site.

What equipment will be protected by my SegriCover?

Before anything else, you need to identify the equipment at your site that is suited to a SegriCover. Most commonly this will be high value equipment in an area that is regularly cleaned by your hygiene team using water and cleaning chemicals, as opposed to dry clean utensils.

An increasing number of sites are also requesting SegriCovers for their tote bins, wanting to protect the contents of each bin as it moves from one process to the next.

Here at Klipspringer, we can supply SegriCovers for a wide range of applications, but we have listed six of the most popular examples below:

How much will my SegriCovers cost/save my site in the long run?

When answering this question, it’s a good idea to start with another: How expensive is the piece of equipment you are covering? With machinery, control panels, and conveyor belts some of the most common examples of equipment that needs to be covered during a clean, you can already guess at the potential costs of water damage and exposure to cleaning chemicals. Here, you should also factor in the cost of factory downtime due to damaged or faulty equipment.

On the subject of downtime, another point to consider is the time it takes for your Hygiene Team to clean around machines that are uncovered or only protected by a single-use piece of plastic. In contrast, a durable cover that is easy to pull on and off should help your Hygiene Operatives to speed up their processes.

Now, let’s address the upfront expense of a SegriCover. Due to the fact that each design is bespoke, it isn’t possible to provide a set cost. However, if you would like a general idea of how much this project could cost your site, you can use the SegriCover Online Calculator linked below.

We would also recommend speaking to one of our team members directly, as they will be able to guide you through the process of securing the most affordable yet effective cover for your operation – identifying any areas where you could be making a saving. You can contact us on 01473 461800 or

Do I have any specific requirements for my SegriCovers?

As mentioned above, SegriCover designs are bespoke – made to measure based on the specific shape and size of the equipment being protected. You can also make special requests. For example, you can introduce one or more opening panels to your SegriCover – held in place with your choice of Velcro, zips, magnets, and eyelets. Another option is to add a window to the front panel, a design feature that comes in handy if your operatives still need to view a control panel when the equipment is covered. As with the size of the cover itself, you can also determine the size of the window, along with the position at which it sits.

When commissioning your SegriCovers, it’s important to provide as many photographs as possible of the equipment in question, including photos from every angle. This will make it easier for the designers working on this project to match the cover to your request and identify any areas where the specifications might be in need of updating.

What is the expected lifespan of my SegriCovers?

If you have previously relied on single-use plastic covers to protect the equipment at your site, the durability of a SegriCover will provide quite a contrast.

Made from waterproof and moisture-repellent PVC, SegriCovers can be exposed to water sprays, cleaning chemicals, and the expected wear and tear of a food production site. Here at Klipspringer, the weld on our SegriCovers comes with a lifetime guarantee, so this is another area where you can be sure of durability. Highlighting the heavy-duty nature of the covers to your site’s Leadership Team, along with the operatives who will be using them, should help you to secure a successful roll out, especially if you emphasise the potential savings of cutting out single-use plastic, along with the sustainability benefits.

What are my plans for securing the engagement of my operatives?

Another way to secure a successful roll out is to view your SegriCovers as an opportunity to make life easier for your team. One option is to introduce bespoke messaging and images for maximum visual impact.

Say a pain point for your operatives is working out the difference between allergen and non-allergen tote bins, or perhaps they are concerned about the contents of each tote bin being contaminated as they move across your site. Here, a bright, colour-coded, custom printed SegriCover will provide an answer to all of these problems.

It’s also important that your operatives are aware of the correct approach to using, storing, and cleaning the SegriCovers at your site. Not only will this help to further extend the lifespan of the covers, but it will also drive accountability, encouraging your team to embrace a collective responsibility for the new additions. Why not support the roll out with training sessions, detailed Cleaning Instruction Cards, Visual Management solutions, and a reminder of how they could be helping your team to secure audit compliance?

So there you have it, five points to consider when bringing a SegriCover project to your site. We hope this article has highlighted the value of planning ahead, securing the support of your operatives, and sending over those all important photos when sharing your specifications.

The Klipspringer team is on hand to support you through the process. You can contact us on 01473461800 or Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch. Another option is to use the button below to learn more about magnetic mounting.

If you would like further guidance relating to your SegriCover project, the Klipspringer team would be happy to help. Share your details below to arrange a free consultation.