Breaking Down the Pricing of the Most Popular Organisational Tool in the Food Industry

Since Klipspringer popularised shadow boards in 2011, they’ve steadily grown into an industry staple.

Huge companies such as Two Sisters, Morrisons, Dominoes, Cranswick, Hovis, Domino’s, and Coca Cola have recognised the utility of shadow boards for improving hygiene standards, health and safety, and efficiency.

Few refute these benefits. However, the price of shadow boards varies so much that our customers often ask us:

“How much does a shadow board actually cost?”

When addressing the cost of a product, most articles usually put something like ‘it depends’, entirely avoiding any sort of specific price point. And of course, the price of a shadow board is dependent on various factors, from size, to material, to fixing and mounting methods.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a ballpark price of a shadow board by type. The three most common types of shadow board are tool boards, cleaning stations, and visual management boards.

Below is a breakdown of each, with an approximate price range:

Tool Boards

 Cleaning Stations (Wall Mounted or Magnetic)

Cleaning Stations (Mobile/Free Standing)

Visual Management

Used to store a set of related tools and supplies

Used to group hygiene-related apparatus for ease of access and usage/colour segregation. Price includes cleaning utensils.  

Used to group hygiene-related apparatus for ease of access and usage/colour segregation. Price includes cleaning utensils.  

Used to communicate essential information (e.g. procedures, maps, objectives)


Small: £100-£250

Large: £200-£450



For specific examples and prices, click here to view our range of ‘Buy It Now’ cleaning stations.

Three key considerations when breaking down the price of a shadow board are durability, customisation, and return on investment.

Is the board made from high-quality, long-lasting material? Can you embellish your true company branding, moving beyond the basic name and logo? Will the board offer a strong ROI, for instance through improved audit scores, or boosted productivity in line with the 5S Principles?

Klipspringer’s shadow boards meet all three criteria. Of course, we’re favourably biased towards our own products (wouldn’t you be worried if we weren’t?), but it is justified by our state-of-the-art print and production facilities, clarity of visual communication, and magnetic mounting options.

But ours aren’t the only shadow boards on the market. We get that. Not only do we acknowledge that there are plenty of other capable manufacturers out there, but we’re open in admitting that, at Klipspringer, our shadow boards are more expensive than the industry bog-standard.

Read on to find out why that is.


Why Klipspringer?

Most shadow boards are effective at storing tools, circumventing non-compliances, and maintaining hygiene standards.

That said, not all shadow boards are created equal.

These benefits depend on the quality of craftsmanship, reliability of mounting method, and efficacy of visual communication, all of which is determined by the Shadow Board Process.

At Klipspringer, this process entails six separate steps.

Firstly, the specification. We find out the customer’s precise requirements, including colour, equipment, and printed content.

Secondly, the quotation. Within one working day of the initial enquiry, we send a personalised quotation summarising the customer’s needs.

Thirdly, the order. The customer accepts the quotation and/or provides us with any necessary amendments.

Fourthly, the proofing. Our design team complete the artwork proofs (see below), before sending them to the customer for final confirmation.

Penultimately, the print. Using our cutting-edge print and production facilities, our in-house production team strive to complete the order promptly.

Lastly, the delivery. Once printed, machined, and sealed, boards are despatched to the customer within 5-7 days (one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry), or even sooner if deadlines require.

This carefully refined six-step process has resulted in Klipspringer’s firm establishment as the industry leader in bespoke shadow boards. But don’t just take our word for it – our boards have also been advocated by the likes of Tesco Maintenance, Bradley’s Metal Finishers, and Fulfil Food Solutions.

Other key factors distinguishing our shadow boards from the crowd include…

1) Five High-Quality Fixing Methods

From sturdy direct mounts and stand offs, to free-standing frames and wheeled frames, to our much-admired magnetic shadow boards, we have an option to suit each circumstance.

2) Long-Lasting, Lightweight Material

While some continue to favour unsustainable foam-set options, our shadow boards are made of 6mm composite aluminium. A robust neoprene core is incorporated within the aluminium sheets, resulting in strong, water-resistant material that is safe to use in food environments, as well as being cost effective.

3) Unmatched Equipment Colour Variety

With 11 distinct colours, Klipspringer leads the industry in range of colour-coding utensils. Avoid cross-contamination and non-conformances with explicitly colour-coded equipment and corresponding shadow boards.

4) Anti-Scuff Laminate

To increase durability, we exclusively use heat-sealed, anti-scuff laminate, maximising adhesion (preventing any peeling) and ensuring your boards look good as new for years to come.

5) Through-Board Hook System

Last but certainly not least, we offer a through-board hook system. This entirely unique feature of Klipspringer shadow boards means that there are no hidden crevices or small parts. It ensures that your board is hygienic, easy to clean, and free of any foreign body risks.


Where to Get Started

Having overviewed the ballpark costs of various types of shadow boards, revealing Klipspringer’s six-step production process and unique features, this article has given a comprehensive breakdown of shadow board prices.

If you want more information, take a look at our shadow board overview page, or contact our experienced shadow board team: 01473 461 800.

If you already know which shadow board option you require, check out our ‘Buy It Now’ range, or fill out our Shadow Board Enquiry Form for a free quotation.