Introducing the Shadow Board Configurator from Klipspringer: an innovative approach to designing your favourite storage solutions. 

Here at Klipspringer, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to support our customers, helping them to drive standards, reduce spending, and lighten their workload. With this in mind, we have been hard at work on the development of our Shadow Board Configurator. This exciting new system is completely free to use and extremely easy to understand. By clicking just a few buttons, you can produce a Shadow Board design that reflects the specific requirements of your site.  

As with any new system, there is room for development, but we are already extremely proud of the progress we have made and the configurator we have created. In fact, we like to see this as the very start of our journey towards utilising and embracing the power of machine learning.  

Our configurator has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so you can click the button below to give it a try. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to read around a system before giving it a go, we have produced a comprehensive guide to take you through each step of the process.  

Select your utensils 

The first step is to select the utensils you are planning to store on your Shadow Board. From spillage kits and squeegees to dust pans and floor signs, there are a wide range of items for you to choose from. 

Extensive as it might be, this list is currently only a selection of our most popular hygiene tools and is by no means the limit of what you can store on your Shadow Boards. Don’t worry if you can’t find the utensil you are searching for, simply contact our team on 01473 461800 or for any bespoke requirements. 

If your hygiene tools are available on the list, all you need to do is click the plus sign next to them to add them to your board. The selected utensils will show as a green thumbnail and an estimated costing of your board will be adjusted with every utensil you add. 

Confirm the layout of your Shadow Board

Once you have confirmed your choice of utensils, you can click through to see a suggested layout. This will be automatically generated to reflect the most popular layout of your chosen equipment. 

If you want to change the layout, you can click and drag your utensils to explore the different options. Although this tool provides a certain amount of flexibility, you don’t have to worry about accidentally positioning your utensils the wrong way round or placing them too close together, as the system will block this action.

What’s more, every layout will be run past our in-house design team for a visual check, so all your designs will receive expert approval. It is also worth noting that our Microfibre Socket Mop with Handle will always be situated against the side of the board due to its size and length. This is the only place that it can be positioned to meet the relevant hygiene requirements. Once you have configured your board, click ‘Save Design’ and the summary details will be emailed to you, along with a link to retrieve your board details. 

Choose the colour of your Shadow Board

When it comes to selecting the colour of your Shadow Board, safety and hygiene should be the priority. In fact, it is extremely rare for a site to tie in branding or aesthetics to the colour of their boards. Ideally, your Shadow Boards will be part of a larger effort to introduce or reinforce zoning in your factory. Set colours will help your operatives to distinguish between equipment for Low Risk, High Risk, High Care, and Ambient High Care zones. Instead of utensils such as brushes and mops moving across zones and risking contamination, they will be stored on their own clearly designated Shadow Board.

Here is a list of the colours we have available:

  • Blue 
  • Red 
  • Green 
  • Yellow 
  • Orange 
  • Brown 
  • Grey 
  • Purple 
  • Pink 

Confirm the size of your Shadow Board

Another important step relates to the size of your Shadow Board. Once you have selected your utensils, the Configurator will auto suggest the size that is best suited to your needs. There are four different board sizes built into the system and if you are using a selection of popular utensils, you are likely to be matched with a suitable dimension. However, if your utensils don’t fit for any reason, simply contact our team on 01473 461800 or for any bespoke requirements. 

Choose the right mounting type for your Shadow Board 

The next step is to select the mounting type for your Shadow Board. We have four tried and tested options for you to choose from: 

Magnetic Mount Shadow Board

This is the most popular option for wall-mounted solutions. Quick to install and suited to most factory walls, it solves the problem of cleaning behind your Shadow Boards, as it can be easily removed.  

Direct Mount Shadow Board

A Direct Mount is a great solution for factories that don’t have magnetic walls or a lot of floor space. It is also a cost-effective option and is favoured by sites that are looking to save money in the short term.  

Static Frame (Stainless Steel) 

If wall space is limited or you would like your boards to be closer to your production line, a static frame could be the solution. You also have the option of creating either a double or single-sided board. 

Mobile Frame (Stainless Steel) 

Another excellent solution for factories with limited wall space. The distinguishing feature of this board is its braked castors – allowing you to move it around your site and closer to production.  

Edit the header of your Shadow Board 

The Configurator also gives you the option of adding two titles to your Shadow Board.

A lot of sites use this as an opportunity to strengthen their zoning strategy, using titles such as Cleaning Station Line 1, Cleaning Station Line 2, and so on, to further distinguish the different areas of the factory. The slightly smaller title on the second line is commonly used to share key instructions such as ‘Please return equipment after use’ or ‘Clean items before returning them’. Not only will this act as a useful reminder to operatives, but it will also impress customers and auditors alike – clearly displaying your site’s commitment to upholding standards at every turn. 

Add a logo to your Shadow Board 

Along with the titles at the top of your board, you can also add your company logo. Simply upload your image file and it will be automatically added to the top left corner of the design. Available for no extra cost, this is a quick, easy, and free way for you to strengthen your brand’s identity, enhance the appearance of your factory, and impress any external visitors. 

Here at Klipspringer, we also provide bespoke designs that place your chosen logo or image across the main body of the Shadow Board. If you would like to explore this option, you can contact our team on 01473 461800 or 

The Next Steps 

Once you have worked your way through the steps listed above, you will be given a summary of your Shadow Board. This summary will list the decisions you have made and the utensils you have included. You will also receive a link that will allow you to retrieve the details of your board whenever you need to reference them. You will then hear from a member of the Klipspringer Shadow Board design team within the next working day. They will be on hand to discuss the next steps for your board design and production.  

The Future of our Shadow Board Configurator 

Our Shadow Board Configurator is currently in its Beta phase. Although it is already a helpful tool that should speed up and simplify the process of you ordering a Shadow Board, there is still room for growth and development. This will happen as more and more people engage with the system – saving their layouts and sharing their feedback. In the meantime, here are just a few areas where we hope to develop the Configurator: 

  • The system currently lists a selection of our most popular hygiene tools, but this doesn’t reflect the full extent of the equipment available at Klipspringer. We would like to expand the selection, so you can access all available options.  
  • The system currently allows you to create a design that will be followed up by our Shadow Board Design team within one working day. We would like to give you the option of adding the design straight to your basket and making your purchase directly through the website. 
  • Although you are sent a link that allows you to check back on the details of your design, we have plans to develop a Shadow Board Management Portal where your designs can be stored permanently. This portal will also allow you to carry out a visual audit of your equipment, managing the replacement of your utensils at the click of a button.  

If you would like further guidance relating to a bespoke Shadow Board request, the Klipspringer team would be happy to help. Share your details below to arrange a free consultation.