In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the problems or concerns associated with shadow boards with magnetic mounting.

We will be covering the following points, helping you to decide if they are are accurate or the product of misinformation. There is something to be said for each topic, but you can also use the links below to skip to the issue that is most relevant to your site.

We want to be upfront and say that, since popularising them in 2011, Klipspringer has been the leading supplier of shadow boards across the food industry. We do stock shadow boards with a magnetic mounting, but also supply Stand-off Wall Mounted, Freestanding Static, Fixed-to-Wall, and Freestanding Mobile boards, so have no vested interest in swaying your decision. Instead, we want you to find the right fit for your site processes, along with your audit standard stipulations.

Problem One: the upfront cost of shadow boards with magnetic mounting

In addition to the ‘Buy it now’ Cleaning Stations that are sold at a fixed price, you can commission bespoke shadow boards to reflect the specific requirements of your site. As you would expect from a bespoke product, prices will vary, but it is possible to provide an estimation:

Wall Mounted or Magnetic Shadow Boards

Small: £100-250

Large: £200 – £450

Mobile or Free Standing Shadow Boards

£600 – £850

You can also use our Shadow Board Configurator to generate a more accurate prediction of the cost of your shadow boards, using AI technology to produce your ideal design.

As you will see from the estimations above and your time on the Configurator, shadow boards with magnetic mounting don’t tend to be as expensive as the mobile or free standing versions. However, they are typically more expensive than the wall mounted alternatives.

This upfront cost could be a deal-breaker for some sites, especially if they are understandably concerned about their budget and focused on lowering their expenses wherever possible.

However, when it comes to the purchase of new equipment, it is also worth evaluating the opportunity to secure long term savings. In the case of shadow boards with magnetic mounting, you could save your hygiene team a significant amount of time and effort – eliminating the hassle of cleaning behind fiddly fastenings and allowing your operatives to remove and replace the boards with every clean. This could lead to the reduction of the Hygiene Window and the lengthening of active production time.

Another saving could be achieved with the initial installation of the shadow boards, as instead of waiting for your maintenance team to fix them in place, you can put the boards to use immediately. This will not only speed up your operation, but will also come in handy if your shadow boards were ordered in an attempt to address a potential non-conformity relating to the storage of your equipment. Rather than risk an unannounced audit or even an announced audit that comes around too quickly, you can install your shadow boards straight away. This could save you the eventual cost of resolving a non-conformity or dealing with the fall out of a failed audit.

Problem Two: the gap behind shadow boards with magnetic mounting

When sites are first introduced to the concept of a storage solution that can be lifted on and off a factory wall, they will often worry about the gap behind the shadow board – identifying it as a potential harbourage point for bacteria, condensation, and mould.

Although it is important to avoid harbourage points at all costs, being able to remove then reposition your shadow boards, could actually make life easier for your hygiene team. In one step, the shadow board can be lifted and cleaned, ready to return at any point. Whilst the shadow board is off the wall, the surface itself can also be cleaned, without the need to navigate any obstructions or awkward angles.

With early audit data from Issue 9 of the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard suggesting sites need to pay closer attention to the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, the mobility of magnetically mounted shadow boards could actually prove to be an advantage.

Another important point is that penetrating your factory walls, to drill fixings into them, will create an additional harbourage point. Although this isn’t an insurmountable problem, it will require your maintenance team to act immediately if a shadow board or alternate storage solution is moved – covering over the harbourage points immediately.

Permanent fixings could become an issue if your site regularly switches around production lines or if you identify an opportunity to become more efficient by moving around your equipment. Instead of being able to do this straight away, as you would be able to do with a magnetically mounted shadow board, you will have the additional step of lining up your maintenance team in advance.

Problem Three: the strength of shadow boards with magnetic mounting

Another concern surrounding shadow boards with magnetic mounting is the strength of the finished board. Often sites will worry that, without fixings being drilled into the walls, there is no way for the board to hold the equipment they have in mind. This is rarely the case. Manufactured using fully certified, water repellent, anti-scuff materials, shadow boards can withstand even the harshest of factory environments. If you opt for a shadow board with a magnetic mount, there is the option of introducing additional magnets to account for any extra weight. This is something our in-house design team will be able to arrange.

If you are concerned that your equipment will be too heavy for a magnetic mounting, you can arrange to speak to one of our team members who will be able to look over your requirements and let you know if a magnetic fixing would be suitable for your site. You should also take a look at our Shadow Board Inspiration Guide, as it includes 70 examples of the equipment that can be successfully stored on a board. From engineering tools and custom machine parts to thermometers and PPE, there are designs for all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Shadow boards

Shadow board Inspiration Guide

Want to learn more about shadow boards? From engineering tool boards and storage for your spill kits to PPE bases and change part stations, there are over 70 shadow board designs to explore in our Inspiration Guide.

Problem Four: the mobility of shadow boards with magnetic mounting

If your site is often faced with missing equipment or operatives who rarely return their utensils to the right place, it is natural that you would worry about the mobility of shadow boards with magnetic mounting. After all, the last thing you want is for your shadow boards to be moved to the wrong factory wall or taken down by an operative who refuses to engage with them. Here, training is key, as your team needs to understand the fact that shadow boards could be saving them time and effort – making it easier for everyone to find the right equipment and speeding up the process of your hygiene team prepping for production.

Another point to remember is that, once the right training is in place, shadow boards should help to reduce the risk of missing equipment. Instead of utensils being hidden out of site or grouped together in an unhygienic bundle, shadow boards make equipment a feature of your factory, with the white shadows drawing attention to any missing tools. In terms of the shadow boards themselves, if you make specific operatives responsible for their position on the factory wall, this will help to ensure your magnetically mounted boards stay in the correct position.

Problem Five: the suitability of shadow boards with magnetic mounting

Perhaps the most obvious concern surrounding shadow boards with magnetic mounting is their suitability for sites that don’t have magnetic walls. You might be surprised to learn that this issue can actually be resolved.

Here at Klipspringer, we have worked with a number of production sites that don’t have magnetic walls, but still want to enjoy the benefits of a magnetic mount. In this instance, our solution has been to supply a steel composite that can be introduced to your factory walls, giving your magnetic shadow boards something to attach to.

You should also explore the other fixing methods available, as they could be an even better fit for your site. For example, Freestanding Static or Mobile shadow boards are ideal for sites with limited wall space or sites that need their utensils to be as close as possible to their production line. Other options include fixing your shadow boards to the wall or introducing a stand-off wall mounting.

So there you have it, a closer look at the top five issues surrounding shadow boards with magnetic mounting. We hope this article has helped to reveal that although these concerns are totally understandable, they are also worth revisiting – often unfounded or easy to resolve.

Even so, it is still important to consider all of the fixing options available, with each one offering its own benefits. We have also created an article that addresses the top five concerns surrounding Shadow boards that could help you to decide if Shadow boards really are the right fit for your factory.

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