Brooms, Scrubs and Deck Scrubs

Klipspringer’s brooms, scrubs, and deck scrubs make cleaning easy. Long, short and waterfed bristle brushes provide effective sweeping and abrasive action.


Klipspringer bristle brooms are highly effective at providing an efficient and effective clean. Their long polyester PBT bristles are durable, keeping their shape and effectiveness, and the brooms come in both long and short bristle varieties.


Scrubs, such as the hi-low multi-angle scrubbing brush, offer exemplary cleaning from awkward angles. Whether that be at a height, low down to the ground, or in an unusual place, the bristles, which are positioned in four directions, make easy work of cleaning your chosen surface.

Klipspringer’s deck scrubs are available to purchase in extra stiff and waterfed varieties. The Extra stiff brush provides highly abrasive action for superior cleaning, whilst the waterfed brush is filled with PBT filaments that are water resistant.