Thousands of UK and Ireland food supply chain stakeholders, including auditors, rely on Klipspringer's professional and speedy temperature calibration services.

  • Need your reference thermometer back fast?  Ask about our fast track turnaround on our UKAS temperature calibration and certification service (ISO 17025), as well as our traceable Caltrac temperature calibration package.
  • Do you have multiple probe thermometers on site which need calibrating regularly?  Take a look at our inhouse temperature calibration solutions, including the LAZAPORT4 thermometer and probe calibrator.
  • Whether you are looking for external calibration and certification of your pH meters or an inhouse pH meter calibration solution, Klipspringer have the answer.  We also have a specialist laboratory for the calibration of Ebro food oil monitors.
  • Don't pay extra for certificates - all Klipspringer calibrations come complete with free of charge certificates - we believe a calibration is worthless without it.

Call 01473 461 800 to discuss requirements or download the returns form here

UKAS temperature calibration UKAS temperature calibration Calibration and certification to UKAS standard of probe thermometers, data loggers, heat source calibrators, verifiers and test caps. View products
UKAS Humidity Calibration UKAS Humidity Calibration Calibration and certification to UKAS standard of humidity meters and data loggers. View products
Caltrac temperature calibration Caltrac temperature calibration Calibration and certification against national standards for probe and infrared thermometers, heat source calibrators, and waterbaths. View products
In-house Temperature Calibration In-house Temperature Calibration Heat source/dry block calibrators, electronic verifiers, water baths and reference thermometers. View products
Caltrac Infrared Calibration Caltrac Infrared Calibration Calibration and certification against national standards for infrared thermometers. View products
Caltrac Ph Calibration Caltrac Ph Calibration pH meter calibration and certification against NIST traceable calibration solutions. View products
pH calibration pH calibration NIST traceable buffer solution for the in-house calibration of all makes and models of pH meter. View products
Food oil monitor calibration Food oil monitor calibration At Klipspringer we have our own oil calibration laboratory to provide fast turnaround of calibration using controlled process and referenced oils to match customers’ oil type. View products
Reference Weight Calibration Reference Weight Calibration Klipspringer’s calibration laboratory is now able to calibrate reference weights, traceable to national standard. Take advantage of our market leading turnaround! View products
Calibration/Test Weights Calibration/Test Weights Superior quality, stainless steel M1 reference/test weights for internally calibration checks on your scales and balances. Manufactured to approved International Standards (OIML). View products