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A smarter approach to segregation for production and storage areas.


As Continuous Improvement Leader at A G Barr, Alex Wilson had identified a problem with segregation within the recycling area of the facility.  The previous method in use was cumbersome and difficult for the team to manage, as well as being time-consuming to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Following extensive discussions with several companies, Klipspringer suggested their unique SegriScreen solution – a mobile and modular screening system that are easy to install, easy to clean and make cleaning the floor area a doddle.

Established in Scotland over 140 years ago, A G Barr is a soft drinks business at its core. The company offers a diverse and differentiated portfolio of great tasting brands such as the iconic IRN-BRU, market-leading RUBICON exotic fruit juice drinks, and the Scottish spring water STRATHMORE.

Versatile screening solutions for versatile and easy-to-manage factory segregation.

Why did A G Barr choose Klipspringer?

Easy to clean

With a simple bolt-together design, the SegriScreen from Klipspringer is both easy to put together and easy to take apart – while still remaining safe for use in food production environments.  This means that the screens are also very easy to clean regularly or as required, simply by reducing the frame tension and removing the screen material.  Given the importance of hygiene to any food processing facility, this was a key win for the team at A G Barr.

Reduced hygiene hassle

The mobile design of the segregation screens also means that the screens can simply be moved around as required.  In contrast to cumbersome and heavy non-mobile alternatives, this means that hygiene teams can simply reposition the screens in order to access the area or when conducting hygiene operations.  When finished, the screens’ castor brakes are applied to keep them safely in position.

Customised design for strong branding

Thanks to the in-house production process for SegriScreens, A G Barr were able to prominently showcase their branding on each of the screens.  Not only is this visually striking, it also gives the opportunity to add further custom messaging as required, for warnings, instructions or area names.

A professional and compliant solution

“We have worked with Klipspringer for some time. They are professional, listen to our needs and offer appropriate and compliant solutions, always. We are especially impressed with their bespoke products and in addition to these SegriScreen we have previously purchased shadow boards. We source much of our production equipment including colour coded equipment from them and we are always happy with the quality of the goods and the service they provide.”

Alex Wilson, Continuous Improvement Leader

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