Guaranteed Food Safety for the Largest Hospitality Service Company in the Netherlands


During an initial consultation, Albron emphasised their key objective of pivoting towards a post-pandemic future that is digital, transparent, and adaptable. Like many food service companies, they wanted to progress past the days of overwhelming piles of HAACP paperwork.

Following a requirement scoping, it was clear that Albron needed a flexible system. With venues varying from holiday villages (like Center Parcs) to cafes (such as Coffeecompany), systemic flexibility was essential.  A preliminary roll-out of the digital TRAKKD system commenced in a couple of Albron’s kitchens.

Once Albron’s team verified how TRAKKD saved time, minimised costs, and reduced waste, we carried out a coordinated system implementation across Albron’s venues.

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Albron are leading food servicers and caterers across hospitality, corporate, healthcare, and leisure sectors. With over 700 venues throughout Europe – including Anne & Max, Coffeecompany, and Center Parcs – Albron have unwaveringly aligned with their four key values:

1) Affordability

2) Enjoyment

3) Sustainability

4) Adaptability

Eliminating food safety hazards with local data, global visibility.

Why did Albron choose to go digital?


Unlike the conventional pay-per-user system, TRAKKD’s pay-per-kitchen pricing model is customised specifically for hospitality businesses. It minimises system costs – as well as saving employees countless hours wasted on verifications or data input. This means Albron can achieve leading compliance and quality, without taking a big hit to the bottom line.


On average, 1/3 of our individual carbon footprint is made up of what we eat and drink. One of Albron’s primary considerations is how to cut this footprint. This informed their choice of a system that significantly reduces food waste through rigorous and accurate tracking. As an entirely paperless app, TRAKKD limits the amount of paper discarded in landfill sites, while making detailed calculations for regular food waste savings.

Adaptability & User Satisfaction

Aside from increased customer satisfaction with healthy, delicious food and beverages, the movement to digital was also well received by staff.  When surveyed, Albron’s employees awarded the app eight out of ten – partly due to safeguarding of working conditions, and partly due to its operational efficiency (namely digital checklists, integrated hardware, timely notifications, and data-driven insights).

An instantaneously adaptable system

“Using the system gives us the opportunity to adjust immediately. In addition, it offers the possibility to make trend analyses at various levels. This gives us fast and actionable insights into which areas are performing better and which need improvement. We can then quickly adjust, operationally, according to these findings.”

Ruud Homan, Albron Operations Manager

TRAKKD - Digital Food Safety Checklist System

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