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"Tidier, easier, and very fast" - How Bakkavor and Klipspringer adapted a popular cleaning solution to overcome a common problem

Adaptable Food Safety Solutions

One of the most common problems for large production sites with multiple shift rotations is missing equipment – in turn leading to product contamination and audit non-conformities. Addressing this, Emma Foreman, Bakkavor’s Dispensary Section Manager, initiated what turned out to be a site-wide improvement project working closely with Klipspringer.

With over 1,600 employees on-site, Bakkavor Desserts Newark is one of the UK’s biggest dessert factories. They also hold the prestigious title of the largest producer of fresh cream cakes in Britain! For this reason, Bakkavor’s food safety and compliance must be second-to-none; they face regular audits from customers and other third-parties, including compliance to the BRCGS Food Safety Standard.

The obvious solution to Bakkavor’s dilemma was shadow boards, a food industry staple for workplace management. But there was a complication.

As part of their food safety initiatives, one of the key aims across Bakkavor’s Newark factory was to stop permanently attaching items to walls. This is because permanent fixtures take time to move or cover up when cleaning, and also cause wall damage which can harbour unwanted microorganisms.

What’s more, drilling holes actually risked increasing Bakkavor’s insurance premiums due to compromising the wall’s fire protection – a serious consideration!

In response, Klipspringer introduced Bakkavor to the innovative concept of magnetic mounting. Instead of permanently fixing shadow boards to factory walls and running the risk of non-compliances, magnetic mounting allows boards to be repositioned during hygiene cleans.

In Emma Foreman’s own words, “Magnetic mounting has been beneficial to us as we have made some changes to the area and this has meant that where boards have been removed and repositioned there are no holes in the walls.”

Ensuring compliance with bespoke equipment and instrumentation stations.

Why Did Bakkavor Choose Klipspringer?

Systematised Workplace

No longer will production equipment ‘go walkabouts’. All utensils are accounted for and there when needed, limiting time wasted and improving workplace efficiency. The boards’ magnetic mounting also means Bakkavor’s team can reposition them during a clean without tearing holes in the walls.

Impeccable Customer Service

A decisive factor in Bakkavor’s decision to partner with Klipspringer was the guarantee of a well-organised, highly communicative approach. This was essential to tailoring the popular shadow board solution to meet Bakkavor’s very specific needs.

Personalised Package

Klipspringer maintained constant communication with Bakkavor throughout the process, determining their exact cleaning needs before formulating a personalised equipment solution.

In Bakkavor's words:

“I chose Klipspringer because of the excellent customer service and communication we had with their sales, service and design team. All of the team at Klipspringer that I have dealt with have been helpful and polite. Queries have been answered quickly and delivery from confirmation of design has been very fast.”

Emma Foreman, Dispensary Section Manager at Bakkavor Desserts Newark

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