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Five Guys were looking for a partner to support them globally with a broad spectrum of food safety solutions. Not only was effective and efficient vendor management important in this decision, global standardisation was also a key driver.

In particular, Five Guys needed a method of systemising and measuring the quality of their cooking oil. Besides legal requirements, Five Guys’ internal quality standards were a key driver in instigating this project.

Already well established in the USA, Five Guys’ presence in the UK and Europe is growing rapidly, with over 1,600 restaurants internationally.

Food safety legislation varies from country to country and this makes compliance a potentially complex process for Jeremy Lockley, Five Guys’ Senior Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

The Solution.

Working with Five Guys, Klipspringer identified three key requirements:

  • daily oil quality checks (without being a procedural or time-consuming burden)
  • an arbitrary, digital measurement of cooking oil quality
  • de-skill the decision-making process of when cooking oil should be changed.

Following a successful restaurant trial, the Klipspringer’s Food Oil Monitor was approved for use in all Five Guys outlets. A bespoke Compliance Instrument Station was also introduced to store the Oil Monitor along with other food safety management equipment (tablet and thermometers).

Using the Instrument Station ensures the Oil Monitor is always in the right location at the right time, as well as providing safe storage when not in use.

Specially calibrated to Five Guys’ oil formula, a daily oil quality check with the FOM330 gives store, regional and national management peace of mind as well as an audit trail. This enables them to:

  • prove compliance with relevant legislation (particularly the recent Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2158)
  • ensure product consistency globally from restaurant to restaurant
  • analyse cooking oil usage to identify where oil is being changed prematurely (facilitating a reduction in operating costs).

Enhancing standards through food oil quality management and bespoke equipment stations.

Why did FIVE GUYS choose Klipspringer?

International standardisation

Klipspringer are able to supply Five Guys’ outlets internationally.  This guarantees consistent processes, compliance and product quality in all restaurants across the globe.

Bespoke equipment package

Bespoke branded equipment stations improve visual standards and ensure that equipment is kept safe when not in use.  In addition, Klipspringer calibrate the Food Oil Monitor to Five Guys’ unique oil formula for ultimate reading accuracy.

Simple yet robust

The Food Oil Monitor is thoughtfully designed for busy kitchen use, with an easy-to-use design, a clear traffic light result indicator and a stainless steel protective shield around the sensor stem.

Ongoing support

Klipspringer’s hospitality team continue to support Five Guys’ expansion globally.  In addition, their unique calibration offering ensures minimum equipment downtime while keeping the Food Oil Monitor in tip-top condition.

In FIVE GUYS' words:

“Klipspringer are able to supply our stores internationally, which means we only have to deal with a single supplier as we expand globally.

The bespoke design of the instrument station provides not only a single place for our equipment, but its FIVE GUYS’ branding gives it a real quality feel.  It’s a part of what we do, so being able to personalise it was vital.”

Jeremy Lockley, Senior Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance

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