Garth Dempster - Hygiene Consultant

Hygiene Consultant Garth Dempster Shares How to Protect Equipment During Washdowns

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When Garth first approached Klipspringer, he had two main areas of concern he wanted addressing:

Firstly, the damage inflicted on factory equipment (particularly touchscreen control panels, which cost thousands of pounds) due to insufficient protection during routine hygiene washdowns.

Secondly, washdown contamination causing machinery that had already been cleaned having to be recleaned at the expense of production downtime, wasted water, and considerable cost.

Read on to find out how Klipspringer collaborated with Garth to innovatively overcome these concerns.

With more than ten years’ experience as a Hygiene Manager across multiple food and beverage manufacturers, Garth Dempster is now a well-respected Hygiene Consultant. His expertise covers both high and low-risk environments across a wide range of premium food production brands with BRCGS-certified factories.

Garth’s day-to-day responsibilities include staff transfers, audits and team training, hygiene management, consultations, and searching for adaptive methods to improve compliance and enhance operational efficiency.

Maximising hygiene and minimising downtime for one of the food industry's leading hygiene consultants.

Why did Garth Dempster choose Klipspringer?

Reduced Equipment Repair Costs

Washdowns are an unavoidable part of compliant manufacturing practice, but equipment damage is not. In Garth’s words: “My advice to anyone in a similar situation would be to look at how much time it costs to repair equipment and to speak to Klipspringer about the SegriCovers as they are a great help. They can easily be cleaned down and put away to dry in a safe place and be reused again and again.”


We adapted one of the most popular models in our Segri ‘Family’, the SegriScreen, specifically for this application, Gareth needed a screen large enough to cover a 7-foot Sancassiano mixer while avoiding bug traps and moisture harborage points. After multiple prototypes, the SegriCover was born – a bespoke, waterproof, and hygienic cover to protect machines and production items from both water ingress and contamination.

Reusable, Robust, Multi-Use Materials

Traditional washdown methods typically involve single-use covers or plastic binliners (see the first image above). Not only are these materials far less durable, but they are also environmentally damaging. According to Garth, SegriCovers “…also allowed us to reduce the amount of single-use plastic covers that we use on a clean down; we have to be a lot more mindful of the environment now and by using the SegriCover this has reduced our consumption of plastic bin liners massively.”

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