Ensuring food safety and reducing hassle for NHS kitchens

Partner of Choice

Foodborne illnesses pose a massive risk in hospitals. Young children, the elderly, chemotherapy patients, and pregnant women are susceptible to such illnesses due to already weakened immune systems – making food safety a crucial consideration in healthcare environments.

That’s why the NHS made Klipspringer their partner of choice. From hospitals in London and Gloucestershire to Halton and Warrington, our temperature probes and thermometer calibrators prevent bacteria-caused food contamination. We ensure that patients’ meals are safe, consistent, and high-quality, delivering peace of mind for NHS staff.

The National Health Service, or NHS, leads the world in providing equity of healthcare access, and ensuring that citizens don’t suffer financial hardship or bankruptcy when they are ill, injured, or incapacitated.

With more than 1,250 hospitals throughout the UK, the NHS treat an estimated 1.5 million patients each day, indiscriminately caring for the UK population with skill, compassion, and dedication.

Catering Manager Frank Fiore discusses his experience using Klipspringer at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Why did the NHS choose Klipspringer?

No bias or subjectivity

Unlike the traditional thermometer checking methods, the UKAS-accredited LazaPorts provided the NHS with guaranteed proof of competence. By checking thermometers at the critical safety point for food safety (75°C), LazaPorts remove all guesswork from the process.

Appraisal of requirements

Following the tragic death of seven NHS patients after eating listeria-contaminated sandwiches, we provided a targeted, strategy-led plan. For the full story, click here.

Time saved

Rather than wasting hours checking that kitchen thermometers are working, NHS staff now use the LazaPort to verify accuracy in a matter of seconds. This frees up their time to prioritise other, more vital tasks.

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