Queensland Bakery

Simplifying colour coding and ensuring audit compliance for a rapidly-growing family bakery.


In his role as Operations Director at Queensland Bakery, Bryan Fowler has ultimate responsibility for food safety compliance at their new factory in Hampshire.

With a growing customer base and increasingly high audit demands, Queensland moved to a new bakery in 2022 to provide much larger production capacity.

As well as a complete fit-out of new equipment, Bryan knew he must make compliance simple to achieve and maintain, while also ensuring production remains as lean as possible!

Queensland Bakery is family-owned company in Hampshire, focused on innovating and manufacturing great quality impulse food products for the catering sector.

With over 900 retail, out of home and food service customers, they have recently moved to a new BRCGS-certified site and looked to Klipspringer to support with their compliance and equipment requirements.

Colour-coded shadow boards and utensils for a new BRCGS-certified bakery facility.

Why did Queensland Bakery choose Klipspringer?

Compliance advice and technical know-how

With over 20 years’ experience serving the food industry, the Klipspringer team have the necessary expertise for every stage – from first-time accreditation through to new factory fit-out projects.

For Bryan, with so many audit pressures, customer demands and production deadlines, it was this level of knowledge and dedicated hand-holding that set Klipspringer apart as a supply partner.

Colour-coding support

Previously, Queensland’s colour coding policy involved the use of multiple colours for segregation (e.g. allergen, tasks, areas). Not only was this proving difficult for the team to remember, it was also difficult for management to keep on top of day by day.

Working with Klipspringer, Queensland were able to reduce the number of colours used. Implementing bespoke shadow boards made it easy to ensure all equipment is stored cleanly and correctly. It also helped reinforce the colour coding policy and which utensils should be used with the team.

Shadow boards, with magnetic mounting

An additional bonus for Bryan was Klipspringer’s new magnetic shadow board system. As well as a rapid install time, this meant shadow boards can be easily relocated as their processes and factory floorplan evolves – all without causing any material damage to factory walling.

Happier staff and greater compliance...

“We achieved a Grade A at our new site this week which is a massive achievement with so many changes to personnel, systems and processes in 8 weeks, and really appreciate the Klipspringer team’s support in ensuring we are fully compliant in the areas of utensils and storage, and also our hygiene requirements. Our staff are now happier and finding it much easier to comply. We no longer have items go ‘missing’, as everything has to be returned at the end of each shift. The team also comment regularly how much easier it is to use the right utensil for the right job.”

Bryan Fowler, Operations Director

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