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Saving time and enhancing performance with Wireless Monitoring


Prior to the installation of Klipspringer’s WatchmanOne wireless monitoring system, Quorn Foods relied on a hard-wired system to monitor temperatures in its factories. This was essentially a fixed system that had been cabled in and couldn’t be easily adjusted or expanded. Such a limited system became a serious issue when new chillers were introduced to the site, as it wasn’t possible to bolt these chillers onto the existing system. Determined to resolve this issue, Quorn decided to assess its approach to monitoring. Following a consultation with Klipspringer, it became clear that the company would benefit from the flexibility of a wireless system, so Quorn decided to switch to the WatchmanOne.  

Why didn’t the fixed system work for Quorn Foods? 

  • The hard-wired system couldn’t support new areas and equipment
  • Team members weren’t able to access data remotely 
  • Without any automatic alerts, it was harder to establish a chain of command
  • If a team member wanted to track trends, they would have to enter the data manually

What benefits does the WatchmanOne system provide? 

  • The magnetic probes of the wireless model can be transported around the factory 
  • The system can be accessed remotely
  • Automatic emails are sent out whenever an alarm goes off
  • The wireless model automatically creates graphs – ideal for tracking trends

Specialists in vegetarian, vegan, and meat free products, Quorn Foods originated in the UK, but is now sold across the globe. This market-leading brand is dedicated to increasing the popularity and availability of meat-free meals – moving towards Sustainable Nutrition™ and promoting an environmentally friendly approach to food production.  

Why did Quorn Foods choose to go Wireless?

Time Saving 

Thanks to the introduction of Klipspringer’s WatchmanOne wireless monitoring system, the Quorn Foods team saves an average of two hours across a twenty-four-hour period. Team members can now access information remotely instead of walking around the factory with probes and a clipboard. What’s more, if there is an incident, automatic alerts will be sent to the relevant departments. This saves team members the hassle of chasing down those responsible. 

Monitoring Performance & Understanding Trends 

Prior to the introduction of the wireless monitoring system, if a team member wanted to investigate a potential trend, they would first have to retrieve the relevant records and input the data into a spreadsheet. Now they can click on a graph that automatically illustrates how a factory is performing. It is also possible to compare data over the course of weeks, months and years. This allows the team to ascertain if there is a satisfactory explanation for any changes. 

Increased Accountability  

If an alarm goes off, the WatchmanOne sends out an automatic email alert. This ensures there is a clear chain of command. What’s more, if further action is taken following an alarm, a record is kept on the system. This can be accessed again in the event of an audit, internal investigation or complaint.

Flexibility & Room for Growth 

Quorn’s flexible wireless system supports the company’s growth. The removable probes attach to the factory walls magnetically and can be transported around the site. It is also possible to add to the system. This has empowered the company to introduce a number of new chillers. Finally, the flexibility of this system is suited to intelligent investigation. For instance, if there was a hot spot in a chiller, it could be closely monitored from a specific point.

Quorn Foods will continue to grow with the assistance of the WatchmanOne system

The WatchmanOne system has been fantastic, and we’ve had no end of benefits from it

 Kenny Edwards, Quality Manager, Quorn Foods 

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