In-House Thermometer Verifiers

In-house thermometer and probe calibration equipment gives your organisation the freedom to calibrate devices quickly and easily, reducing or eliminating any unit downtime. The products below have been selected for their accuracy, durability and ease-of-use.


Launched October 2020, the LazaPort8 is the third-generation model in the series of LazaPort calibrators from Klipspringer, combining all the best features of the LazaPort4 and LazaPort12. With capacity for up to 8 probe thermometers and multiple infrareds, it is by far the most efficient, accurate and compliant way to calibrate thermometers on site.

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Lazaport4 Calibrator

Our range includes the Lazaport 4 Calibrator, which provides heat source calibration for up to four devices.

Multiport Probe Calibrator

If you need more capacity, the Laza Precision Multiport Probe Calibrator can handle up to 12 devices, providing heat source calibration for thermometers and probes. Additionally, it facilitates checking of infrared temperature probes to two temperature points.

ECVP100 & ECVA100 Verifiers

We also stock the ECVP100 Verifier (ATFX compatible) as well as the ECVA100 Verifier (ACFX200 compatible).

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