Cleaning Equipment

Well-designed, durable cleaning equipment is essential for fast, effective cleaning in food production settings. Our range of colour-coded, food contact approved products are sure to meet the needs of clients large and small, from big-scale food manufacturers to catering firms and family-run restaurants.

Hand & Lobby Pans

Our range includes heavy duty, food-grade hand and lobby pans, super-durable aluminium and plastic washdown buckets, and a wide range of mop buckets and wringers.

Socket & Kentucky Mops

We offer a comprehensive range of mopping products, including socket and Kentucky mops, smart colour mop buckets, and both flat and Kentucky-style microfibre mops.

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Hand and Lobby Pans Hand and Lobby Pans Food contact approved lobby pans, heavy duty foodgrade production pans, or simple dustpan and brush sets - the KsPrism hand and lobby pan range comes in 11 strong colours. View products
Washdown Buckets Washdown Buckets A wide selection of colour coded buckets for washdown and hygiene applications - including food contact approved options. View products
Mop Buckets and Wringers Mop Buckets and Wringers To meet the requirements of your sanitation programme, Klipspringer's KsPrism range of colour coded, food contact approved mop buckets and wringers includes socket and Kentucky designs, supported by warning signs and easy adaptor filling hose. View products
Mops Mops Explore Klipspringer's wide range of socket, kentucky, flat and microfibre mops. Our colour-coded mop heads provide the perfect solution for your cleaning needs. View products
Microfibre Mopping Starter Kits Microfibre Mopping Starter Kits New to microfibre mopping? Take advantage of Klipspringer's starter kits consisting of 30 litre Combi bucket with side press, and mop head of your choice, complete with heavy duty aluminium handle. Kentucky and flat mop options available as standard. View products
Waste Bins Waste Bins KsPrism offers colour coded bins for every application, from indoor swing-bins to 85 litre, food contact approved, heavy duty waste bins suitalble for use in production environments. View products
Waste Collectors and Litter Pickers Waste Collectors and Litter Pickers Shop Klipspringer’s range of waste collection equipment, from sturdy litter pickers to collapsible waste collectors. View products
Unger Cleaning Supplies & Window Cleaning Utensils Unger Cleaning Supplies & Window Cleaning Utensils Klipspringer offers a wide range of high quality and innovative Unger products, including microfibre T-bars and cloths, as well as specialist cleaning tools for delicate and hard-to-reach surfaces. View products
Superior Equipment for High Reach Cleaning Superior Equipment for High Reach Cleaning Lightweight (yet durable) aluminium and fibreglass poles, complete with a range of specialist high reach cleaning tools for maximum effectiveness when cleaning probematic ledges in high reach areas. View products
Wipes Wipes Klipspringer offers a wide range of wiping solutions to the manufacturing industry - from probe wipes with a 30 second bacteria kill rate, to specialist cloths for engineering applications. View products
Sanitiser Sanitiser Food safe sanitisers - tesano View products