Undoubtedly the widest range of colour coded cleaning equipment and utensils - available in stock for same day despatch!

Welcome to Klipspringer's colour coding family, presenting you with food contact approved hygiene and production utensils in a market leading range of 11 colours - white, blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange, purple, grey, brown and pink. We offer colour coded brushware, squeegees, scrapers, shovels, buckets, mopping systems, microfibre cloths and cleaning solutions, as well as specialist glass breakage and spill control kits for the food industry, and much more. 

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in hygiene and food safety, Klipspringer's objective supports the constant drive for continuous improvement and lean management through the application of 5S principles. Audit demands have never been greater - Klipspringer is committed to streamlining and simplifying the food and beverage manufacturing process, from pasture to plate, through focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. 

Established as a symbol of quality, durability, reliability, as well as innovation, many of the UK’s largest (and smallest) food and beverage processors rely on Klipspringer utensils to help meet their stringent compliance requirements. 

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  • Shadow Boards & Utensil Storage

    Shadow Boards & Utensil Storage

     Lean management, 5S, Six Sigma and continuous improvement relating to care of hygiene and production tools.

  • Colour Coded Brushware

    Colour Coded Brushware

    Food grade hygiene and production utensils in up to 11 strong colours - including new pink.

  • Squeegees, scourers and cleaning pads

    Squeegees, scourers and cleaning pads

    Almost certainly the world's best hygiene squeegees - single-blade, condensation squeegees and double-blade. A wide selection of scouring pads for every application - including the food grade cleaning pad.

  • Colour coded handles

    Colour coded handles

    Reach new heights with KsPrism colour coded handles available in aluminium, ergonomic, and one-piece designs. Regular, waterfed and extending handles available in 11 colours. Universal thread.

  • Shovels and Forks

    Shovels and Forks

    KsPrism offers a range of food contact approved one-piece, two-piece, and hand shovels in up to 11 colours. Ergonomic, one-piece shovels improve operator posture reducing H&S risks.

  • Stirring Paddles

    Stirring Paddles

    KsPrism offers a food contact approved and colour coded paddle for every application - from short handheld stirrers, to long-reach heat resistant paddles.

  • Scrapers


    KsPrism's food contact approved hygiene scraper range includes stainless steel and colour coded scrapers/spatulas for every application, no matter how demanding or delicate.

  • Scoops


    KsPrism's range of colour coded and food contact approved scoops includes round bowl scoops, graduated fodder scoops and ergo. rectangular scoops, from 250g to 2ltrs, in up to 11 colours.

  • Jugs, Cylinders and Trigger Sprays

    Jugs, Cylinders and Trigger Sprays

    KsPrism offers a wide range of food contact approved jugs, cylinders and trigger sprays bottles - including colour coded and clear graduated pouring jugs, as well as graduated stainless steel jugs.

  • Production Buckets

    Production Buckets

    Regular wash-down buckets to graduated stainless steel buckets. The KsPrism food contact approved bucket is available in 11 colours, delivering the ultimate in hygiene and performance.

  • Stainless Steel Utensils

    Stainless Steel Utensils

    KsPrism's range of stainless steel scoops, scrapers, graduated buckets and jugs are manufactured from food contact approved stainless steel, grade 316.

  • Chopping Boards

    Chopping Boards

    Medium and heavy duty colour coded, food contact approved chopping boards, in a number of sizes and 5 colour options from stock. Bespoke dimensions available by special order.

  • Safety knives

    Safety knives

    KsPrism's range of safety knives includes detectable and food contact approved options of the popular fish knife, penguin knife, twin-wing knife, as well as the retractable safety knife.

  • Tags and Cable Ties

    Tags and Cable Ties

    From identification tags to cable ties, the KsPrism range is available in a selection of food contact approved colours. The unique TuffX universal identification tag is hardwearing, pliable and adjustable.

  • Materials Handling

    Materials Handling

    KsPrism's range of interstacking and tapered bins, trucks, dispensers and tanks are roto-moulded for maximum strength and to prevent shattering. Multiple sizes available.

  • Glass breakage and allergen spill kits

    Glass breakage and allergen spill kits

    All you need to deal with a glass breakage incident or an allergen spillage (liquid/ solids/ powder) swiftly and effectively in one ready to use colour coded kit.

  • Hand and Lobby Pans

    Hand and Lobby Pans

    Food contact approved lobby pans, heavy duty foodgrade production pans, or simple dustpan and brush sets - the KsPrism hand and lobby pan range comes in 11 strong colours.