Compliance Hub

The food and beverage manufacturing industry demands excellence in final product integrity, perhaps to a higher degree than any other type of manufacturing. Food safety regulations are stringent, market conditions demanding, and margin for error practically non-existent.

At Klipspringer, we are committed to helping the UK’s 6,000+ food and drink manufacturing businesses achieve “compliance with confidence”. 

At the heart of this is our commitment to innovation. Whether it is improving food safety and hygiene,streamlining systems or helping you reduce cost-in-use, Klipspringer is committed to a sustained programme of innovation and development of food safety equipment – making your job easier, and your teams more effective.  Take a look at some of our most popular food safety compliance and innovation projects below.
  • Hygienic Fixing-Free Mounting for Magnetic Factory Walls

    Hygienic Fixing-Free Mounting for Magnetic Factory Walls

    Find out how Klipspringer's new food factory-friendly mounting improves hygiene, saves time and allows enhanced operational flexibility.

  • Hygiene Squeegees

    Hygiene Squeegees

    Klipspringer's market-leading squeegees come out in front for effectiveness, efficiency and hygiene - used in over 2,000 food & beverage manufacturing facilities.

  • ATFX410-1 Digital Probe Thermometer

    ATFX410-1 Digital Probe Thermometer

    Trusted by over 500 BRCGS accredited food producers, Klipspringer's flagship waterproof thermometer is well-known for its reliability, accuracy and durability. Find out how this unit can reduce costs and improve your site processes!

  • NEW LAUNCH: LazaPort 8

    NEW LAUNCH: LazaPort 8

    In-house thermometer calibration just got safer, smarter and simpler with Klipspringer’s newly-developed model, the LazaPort8. This 3rd generation model uses the same principle already proved in hundreds of food factories globally.

  • The Ergo Handle - one-piece hygiene, efficiency and cost-effectivness

    The Ergo Handle - one-piece hygiene, efficiency and cost-effectivness

    Klipspringer's one-piece and ergonomic handle has inspired many hygiene, technical and purchasing managers with it's comfort, longevity and bug-free design which is completely corrosion-resistant. Click here to find out more!

  • In-house thermometer calibrations

    In-house thermometer calibrations

    From ice to test caps, read the latest information from our compliance team on the pros and cons of in-house calibration methods.  You'll likely be surprised!

  • SegriScreen Curtain

    SegriScreen Curtain

    Find out how the SegriCurtain is a bespoke, effective solution for segregation in food factories. Supporting allergen management to hygiene washdowns, SegriCurtains are manufactured to fit the exact application required of them.

  • Face Shield Stations

    Face Shield Stations

    Sanitisation and storage of reusable face shields is equally as critical to control risk of infection.  What steps have you put in place to ensure face shields on your site do not become bacterial and viral hot-spots?

  • Sanitisation Stations

    Sanitisation Stations

    As we adapt to the new normal, what steps are you taking to ensure hygiene standards are maintained within your team?

  • Social Distancing Floor Signs

    Social Distancing Floor Signs

    Making social distancing practical in high traffic areas. With branded and customisable options, find out how Klipspringer's floor signs could be a long term solution for your business.

  • iClean Mini

    iClean Mini

    Makes ordinary tap water your most powerful, environmentally friendly and cost-effective sanitiser. As used by Wuhan Hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Temperature Monitoring

    Klipspringer temperature monitors help audit compliance and savings on labour costs. Find out which temperature monitor is best for you here.

  • Mobile QC Station

    Mobile QC Station

    Take production and quality management to the next level with Klipspringer's new mobile work station.

  • Leasing


    Get equipment on site when it’s needed without compromising budget - ask about Klipspringer’s new hire-purchase scheme.

  • SegriScreen


    SegriScreen and SegriScreen Connected are the all-new mobile barrier and hygiene screening systems, designed to meet the exact requirements of the food industry.

  • WatchmanOne Velocity

    WatchmanOne Velocity

    Following in the footsteps of Klipspringer’s successful WatchmanOne system, we are pleased to introduce the next generation, WatchmanOne Velocity.  Realtime, wireless monitoring for any size application, any where.

  • Aqueous Ozone

    Aqueous Ozone

    No harsh chemicals, environmentally friendly and kills 99.9% of germs. Stabilized aqueous ozone delivers a simple, safer, more sustainable way to clean and sanitize everyday hard surfaces.

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    View Klipspringer's wide range of UKAS and Traceable Caltrac Calibrations. All with a rapid turnaround time as well as repairs and other services also available.

  • FOM330


    The FOM330 Food Oil Monitor provides an accurate control of oil usage influencing continuity in texture, taste and appearance of finished product.

  • IndeliMark - Indelible Marking

    IndeliMark - Indelible Marking

    Klipspringer are proud to announce the launch of a unique indelible marking service, offering our clients the advantage of having plastic and metal equipment permanently identified.

  • Shadow Boards

    Shadow Boards

    Improve segregation, allergen and speciation control with Klipspringer's bespoke shadow boards. Over 40 different design combinations and our own print studio.

  • SenseAnywhere Monitoring

    SenseAnywhere Monitoring

    Temperature logging doesn't get simpler - Klipspringer is pleased to bring plug-and-play cloud based monitoring within the reach of every budget and application.

  • 11 Distinct Colours

    11 Distinct Colours

    Colour coding is an integral part of hygiene and preventing cross-contamination. It is also a key force in 5S and CI. Klipspringer leads the way with 11 colours.

  • Detectable Writing Equipment

    Detectable Writing Equipment

    Almost certainly the world's best metal and xray detectable pen for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Find out more about why prevention comes ahead of detection.

  • Instrument Stations

    Instrument Stations

    The majority of damage to probe thermometers is unnecessary and avoidable. Reduce downtime and repair costs with Klipspringer's bespoke instrument stations.

  • Protect Safety Footwear

    Protect Safety Footwear

    Improve hygiene, eliminate odours and reduce costs with the washable EziProtekta shoe - revolutionary, lightweight, safety footwear for the food industry.

  • Sealwise antibacterial furniture

    Sealwise antibacterial furniture

    Revolutionising furniture in the food and beverage industry - Klipspringer’s Sealwise range offers a whole new approach to factory furniture.

  • Lock-out and tag-out solutions

    Lock-out and tag-out solutions

    Keep your team safe. Protect with confidence using the MasterLock range of lock-out solutions. A perfect combination with bespoke lock-out and tag-out stations.

  • Custom cutting boards

    Custom cutting boards

    Take your efficiency and product consistency a step further by using custom chopping boards engraved with your preferred scale/ measuring guide and instructions.