ATFX410-1 Digital Thermometer with Probe: The preferred choice of technical managers, quality teams and auditors.
The perfect combination of accuracy and durability –the ATFX410-1 takes the demands of food factories in its stride comfortably…
ATFX410-1 Digital Probe Thermometer is used by:
The most waterproof thermometer on the market.
Water, steam and condensation are silent thermometer killers. The ATFX410-1 is the only thermometer to offer waterproof housing PLUS a fully watertight probe connector.

Avoid the hassle, time and cost of thermometer damages by choosing Klipspringer’s indestructible ATFX410-1 unit.
Why do so many food/beverage processors and auditors specify the ATFX410-1 thermometer?
  • IP67 rated thermometer and probe connection –
    survives where others fail.
  • Accurate, reliable and consistent results.
  • Robust and ergonomic.
  • Self-contained instrument with no small parts exposed.
  • A probe for every application – from fast response penetration to immersion, and air temperature to between pack.
  • 5 year battery life (approx.).
  • Add a colour coded protective silicone boot for additional grip and protection.
  • Detachable probes available with coloured handles for segregation – White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Black.
Choose the ATFX410-1
Digital Thermometer if…
  • Your application is heavy duty and/or high usage.
  • Moisture, steam or condensation are present in your environment.
  • You are looking to minimise the risk of foreign body contamination in your process.
  • You require a high level of accuracy for CCP and food safety checks (+/- 0.3°C).
  • You require a reliable thermometer which maintains its accuracy over time.
  • You need to facilitate a range of probe types and applications.
Customer Feedback
"We have trialled many thermometers here, but always have to come back to the ATFX410 for reliability and accuracy.”
Large Ready Meal Manufacturer, Site Quality Manager
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