Custom cutting boards

Chopping boards and cutting boards should be just the size you need them for maximum effectiveness.

Take your efficiency and product consistency a step further by using our custom chopping boards engraved with your preferred scale/ measuring guide and instructions.

Designed for use in the most demanding food production environments, Klipspringer food grade coloured chopping boards are available in a variety of sizes and two thicknesses (12mm and 20mm). Choose from white, blue, red, yellow and green in every size.

Did you know?

Using customised cutting boards can substantially reduce project reject rates by ensuring consistency and conformity.

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How custom cutting boards deliver real benefits

  • Ensure consistency
  • Where cutting is being completed manually, custom chopping boards provide accurate and reliable guides which help deliver consistent results.
  • Reduce rejects
  • Providing accurate cutting guides should make sure procedures and guidelines are adhered to, reducing product rejects due to incorrect sizing and improving 'right first time' performance.
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increased simplicity for your operatives could reduce processing and/or rework time, resulting in increased throughput and efficiency.
  • Streamline quality control procedures
  • Custom engraved QC boards are probably one of the most streamlined methods of conducting quality control, whether on goods-in or on the production line. Checking product against specific size (eg diameter, length, slice width) requirements couldn't be quicker, simpler or more accurate.
  • Make instructions visual
  • The human brain processes 90% of information absorbed via visual elements rather than written or spoken communication. This is of increased importance where English may not be the first language of some production staff. Custom engraved cutting boards allow you to improve the effectiveness of your communication with your operatives, further reducing the risk of costly errors or non-conformances.
  • Reduce equipment 'shrinkage
  • Take advantage of Klipspringer's custom engraved cutting board service to personalise your chopping boards with serial numbers or department names. This works as an excellent deterrent to 'missing' and/or 'stolen' boards.

Benefits of Klipspringer Chopping Boards

Five reasons to choose Klipspringer custom chopping boards

Choose Klipspringer Chopping Boards

  1. Engraved not printed.
  2. No ink to fade or create a foreign body risk. Withstands the natural wear and tear experienced by cutting boards.
  3. Made from food contact approved material
  4. Fully certified for food production and preparation applications.
  5. Truly bespoke
  6. We understand that to achieve optimum performance for your operation, your custom cutting board requirements are unique to you and cannot be selected from a catalogue of regular designs. Each design is bespoke based on your brief.
  7. Latest technology
  8. Klipspringer's state of the art, in-house engraving facility delivers exceptional results in record time.
  9. People who care
  10. The team at Klipspringer are right behind you. We genuinely care and want to do what is right for your organisation and objectives. Please put us to the test!