Instrument Stations

Reduce instrument downtime and repair costs with bespoke instrument stations.

Instrument Station

Did you know?

Klipspringer instrument stations have a 100% success rate for reducing or eliminating unnecessary damage to thermometers.

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Why use instrument stations?

  • Reduce downtime
  • Storing each thermometer in a known location ensures that it can be instantly located when required.
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Safe and proper storage of probe thermometers when not in use significantly reduces mishaps.
  • Engender a culture of care and ownership
  • When operatives become accountable for correct storage of instrumentation, replacement and repair costs are significantly reduced.
  • Improve segregation and awareness
  • Reinforce colour coding policies, highlight areas and special instructions by adding
  • 5S, lean management and visual standards
  • Instrument stations support 5S and lean management concepts simply and effectively. Introduction of bespoke installations has impressed auditors at every level.

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Why choose Klipspringer instrument stations?

  • Bespoke designs
  • to meet precise requirements in each area.
  • Full colour print
  • emphasises colour coding policies and maximises visual awareness.
  • Each station has a unique serial number
  • for onsite traceability.
  • Space provided for serial number
  • of probe thermometers assigned to each station – know exactly what instruments belong where.
  • Product codes
  • for each instrument are included for ease of reordering where necessary.
  • Include your company logo
  • at no extra cost.
  • Board titles and footnotes
  • complement and reinforce quality and hygiene regimes.
  • Manufactured from certified water resistant
  • laminated white composite aluminium or anti-bacterial material.
  • No peeling shadows
  • Substantially reduces foreign body risk and increases life span.

Choose from many design options

Instrument Station

Certified composite aluminium or anti-microbial board material

Direct fix to wall

25mm standoffs

Magnetic Fixing

Instrument Stations are produced to meet precise requirements.

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