Lock-out and tag-out solutions

Keep your team safe - protect with confidence

Klipspringer is pleased to introduce the MasterLock range of lock-out solutions; a perfect combination with our bespoke lock-out and tag-out stations.


Did you know?

We offer lock-out and tag-out kits and stations that are completely customised to your application.

We will also pack each kit exactly how you want it!

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MasterLock kits, padlocks and tags


Starter kits and lock-out devices

Talk to us about your lock-out requirements.


Colour coded padlocks

Key different anti-static, silicone/lubricant free.


Lock-out tags

Metal detectable, customisable.

MasterLock bespoke lock-out stations


Klipspringer's impressive inhouse design and print facilities allow you to tailor lock-out stations to match your exact requirements.

Why not include a company logo, heading or instruction procedure?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to safety lock-out equipment. That's why we offer lock-out/tag-out kits and stations that are completely customisable by you.

Select the optimal lock-out/tag-out products for your needs and customise both your assortments and kits.

We will pack each kit exactly how you want it, tailored to your own needs.