Detectable Writing Equipment

Why you should choose Retreeva Global Pens

  1. Highly visible ink indicators
  2. Dominant top button and large window identify ink cartridge.
  3. Positive retracting mechanism
  4. Cartridge will not jump out of position however much pressure is exerted on writing point.
  5. Smooth finish
  6. Comfortable to hold, retains grip, easy to clean whether in a greasy production area or a sub-zero storage area.
  7. Safe under duress
  8. Moulded from shatter resistant polymers to avoid splintering if accidentally crushed.
  9. Contoured for thumb and index finger
  10. With textured surface for enhanced grip.
  11. Long writing life
  12. In regular, pressurised and gel inks.
  13. Large lanyard loop
  14. Intended for a real lanyard, not just a thread.
  15. Strong pocket clip
  16. Designed as virtually unbreakable. No need to specify model without clip.
  17. One piece, unbreakable
  18. No separate indicator ring. Eliminates potential hazard.
  19. Unique cartridge suspension
  20. Provides positive cartridge positioning and firm writing, without the need for a metal spring insert.
  21. Detectable housing
  22. Metal detectable and x-ray visible pens moulded from FDA food contact approved polymers. Available in:Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Retreeva Global Pens
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Watch Retreeva Global detectable pen being put to the test

Choose your pen housing

Retreeva Retractable


Positive mechanism ensures stable writing even when under pressure. Large aperture and visible plunger identifies ink colour at a glance. Available with or without pocket clip.

Retreeva Non-Retractable


Often referred to as ‘stick’ or one-piece’. Short of total destruction, Retreeva non-retractable pens defy all attempts to separate components. Available with or without pocket clip.

Retreeva Pocket Clip

Pocket Clip

The traditional ‘Achilles heel’ of detectable pens. Retreeva Global pen clips are virtually unbreakable. All Retreeva pens supplied with pocket clips have integral lanyard loop.

Retreeva Lanyard Loop

Lanyard Loop

Large loop provided on all Retreeva pens to accommodate most lanyards with ease. Options for applications where pocket clip is prohibited.

Choose your ink type


Only the best ink cartridges with Tungsten Carbide tips are selected to provide clean and even delivery over a long writing life.


Providing that extra touch in positively smooth writing. Proven to perform well on difficult surfaces and at lower temperatures. Preferred option for many operators in chilled and cold store applications.


Available to assist with writing at different angles, on soiled or greasy surfaces, under damp conditions and at low temperatures. Regularly used in cold store applications.

Choose your ink colour

Retreeva Blue Ink

Blue Ink

Retreeva Black Ink

Black Ink

Retreeva Red Ink

Red Ink

Retreeva Green Ink

Green Ink

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