See how SegriScreens stepped up to help Hygiene Manager Andy Rowe

Sourcing effective hygiene screens and temporary barriers has traditionally been problematic for the food industry.  Common issues include:

  • Not food factory friendly
  • Create multiple foreign body risks
  • Harbour bacteria
  • Bulky – difficult to store, move and use
  • Don’t connect together to create a continuous barrier – people can breakthrough!
  • Don’t support hygiene best practice – too many gaps allow overspray into other areas
  • Long lead times


Klipspringer has worked with leading food industry professionals to develop SegriScreen – a new hygiene screen and temporary barrier system designed to meet the exact requirements of the food industry. 


The original SegriScreen is designed primarily for use as a stand-alone unit, but also can be butted together where multiple screens are required with access between.  Available in 5 colours with bespoke printing and in 1.8 or 2.25m high models.

SegriScreen X-TEND

Klipspringer’s signature and uniquely versatile screening solution – connect multiple screens together to create a continuous, impenetrable barrier.  Fully modular system – just add or remove as many SegriScreen X-TENDs as required.  Patent pending and available in heights of 1.8 or 2.25 metres.

Why choose SegriScreen?

  • Improve segregation
  • Reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Reduce downtime
  • Boost production efficiency
  • Support best practice
  • Hygienic design
  • Used by leading manufacturers
  • 1.8 or 2.25m options for different height segregation requirements

SegriScreen Applications

SegriScreen serves a wide variety of applications in the food industry.  Here are some of the more common uses:

  • Hygiene/washdown Screens
  • Maintenance and Engineering Barriers
  • Safety notices (eg slippery floor, no entry etc)
  • Line dividers
  • Allergen segregation
  • Temporary production partitioning
  • Route control.


AG Barr Case Study 

AG Barr, established 140 years ago in Scotland, is a soft drink manufacturer home to iconic brands such as IRN-BRU and RUBICON. Find out how Klipspringer's branded, bespoke SegriScreens helped segregation and reduced cleaning time in the AG Barr factory. Read the full case study here

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