Shadow board design options

Whatever your application or environment, Klipspringer have a shadow board solution suitable for you.

Follow our simple six step process to help you choose from the widest range of shadow board options available...

1. Which shadow board material best suits your requirements?

Certificated, hard wearing base materials

Aluminium Composite

Need to demonstrate full traceability?

  • Consider double-sided pure aluminium composite.
  • Fully traceable (no recycled content cadmium or lead).
  • Extremely rigid and impervious to moisture ingress.
  • Brilliant white anti fade acrylic lacquer finish.

Anti-microbial board

Anti-bacterial board*

Would antibacterial properties enhance your hygiene controls?

  • Double sided, PVC coated
  • PVCU core.
  • Impregnated with anti-bacterial agent.
  • Impervious to moisture ingress.
*Klipspringer anti-bacterial board is currently not compatible with 3D hygiene lift-off board, or fixing-free stainless steel fittings. 

2. How would you prefer to mount your shadow boards?

Whether you are short of wall space, have strict hygiene design requirements or need maneuverability to make sure utensils and tools are in the right place at the right time, our range of shadow board mounting methods covers most eventualities!

Remember each shadow board is bespoke designed by our in-house design team to meet your exact requirements. Alternatively choose one of our standard shadow board designs. Either way, all options are available in all five mounting options below.

Magnetic shadow boards for optimum hygiene

Where there is a requirement to regularly clean behind shadow boards or move the boards around regularly, our unique magnetic shadow board solution allows shadow boards to be removed easily without compromising effectiveness in situ. The new magnetic shadow boards allows you to attach your cleaning stations and tool stations to any steel or coated steel surface, without the need for destructive or permanent fixings.

Flat to wall
(direct mount)

Shadow boards are supplied to you ready to be fixed to any surface as appropriate. Screw, rivet or mastic to any surface – even railings!

25mm air space between
wall and board

For improved hygiene, shadow boards are supplied to you with 25mm stainless steel stand-offs. Maintains breathing and cleaning gap between wall and shadow boards. Supplied predrilled with the required number of stand offs.
Stainless steel mobile frame

Stainless steel mobile frame (with wheels)

Need to move utensils and tools around? We can supply our trademark premium shadow boards mounted on food grade stainless steel frames with heavy duty wheels. Robust frames supplied in kit form for rapid delivery and easy assembly on site.
Stainless steel static frame

Stainless steel static frame
(without wheels)

Lacking wall space or not permitted to fix shadow boards to newly erected walling? Consider our static food grade stainless steel frames with sturdy feet (no wheels). Robust frames supplied in kit form for rapid delivery and easy assembly on site.

3.How do you wish to attach utensils to your shadow boards?

Have you ever wished for more choice in shadow board fittings? Klipspringer is the first (and only) shadow board specialist to offer you multiple ways of attaching utensils and tools to your shadow boards – choose the option below that best suits your application and audit requirements.

Fixing Free- through board hooks

Fixing-free stainless steel fittings

For the ultimate in hygiene look no further than the revolutionary new stainless steel thru-board fittings from Klipspringer. Removes the need for rails, allows for more efficient shadow board designs and easily removed for cleaning. For best results combine with the easy-lift shadow board wall mounting system. Only available with Aluminium Composite Material.

Direct Mount shadow board hooks

Direct mount stainless steel hooks

Where detachable components are a concern, direct mount stainless steel hooks are riveted to the shadow board and cannot be removed. Direct mount stainless foil steel hooks also remove the need for a mounting rail, reducing the number of surfaces to be cleaned.

Nylon hooks shadow boards

Standard aluminium rail with nylon/ polypropylene hooks/holders

The traditional method of attaching utensils to shadow boards, Klipspringer’s anodised aluminium rail provides a robust and proven method of attaching fully colour coded hooks and holders to shadow boards. Maximum colour supports segregation. Hooks are manufactured from reinforced nylon for increased strength and durability.

Metal hooks shadow boards

Aluminium rail with stainless steel hooks/holders

For extra demanding environments or where there is a requirement to minimise the amount of plastic in production, Klipspringer’s range of stainless steel hooks and holders is fully compatible with the aluminium mounting rail. You won’t break these in a hurry!

4. Choose your shadow board colour scheme

The design and colour options for your shadow boards are endless with Klipspringer! Choose from our "palette" of standard hygiene colours or be adventurous and introduce your brand styling and imagery at no extra cost.

Check out our example gallery for inspiration!

5. Select the utensils/ tools for your shadow board

Complete the Klipspringer shadow board Enquiry Form, call our design team on 01473 461 800 or email with a list of products / codes required on your shadow boards. Need special designs for bespoke equipment? No problem – just call us on 01473 461 800.

6. Choose your shadow board colour scheme

All Klipspringer shadow boards come with the provision for titles and instruction text as standard – no extra charge. (e.g. Assembly Line One, Clean utensils before returning to shadow board). Just include the wording you require on your shadow board Enquiry Form.

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