Why Klipspringer shadow boards?

For over 7 years Klipspringer has been leading the way in implementing shadow boards as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S and lean management initiatives throughout the food and beverage supply chain.

What makes Klipspringer shadow boards stand out from the crowd?

Our new state-of-the-art in-house print and production facility uses the latest technology to help you achieve compliance with confidence. 

Klipspringer offers numerous design options to suit different applications and environments and can justifiably claim to have the widest range of shadow board concepts available. Find out more about the many different design options here. 

See below for just some of the stand out features that come as standard on all Klipspringer shadow boards, regardless of the design options you choose.

Did you know?

Klipspringer supply over 30% of BRC accredited food and beverage production facilities with bespoke shadow boards!

Discover our shadow board design options

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Stand out with Klipspringer shadow boards

Stand out with klipspringer shadow boards
  1. 1. Certified, hard wearing base materials
  2. Both our pure aluminium composite and anti-microbial shadow board materials are guaranteed not to contain compromising heavy metals found in some alternatives and are 100% water repellent

  3. 2. Brilliant acrylic finish
  4. For superior colour and print retention.

  5. 3. Anti-scuff laminate 
  6. Applied with heated multi roll press for optimum retention, particularly on board edges.

  7. 4. Clear definition print outlines
  8. Provide that superior image that every department deserves impressing customers and auditors.

  9. 5. Colour options
  10. - White shadows on coloured background
    - Coloured shadows on white background
    - Coloured outline. on white background.
    - 11 colour variations of the above designs.

  11. 6. Company logo
  12. Introduce your company logo to enhance corporate ownership and pride in workplace.

  13. 7. Headings
  14. Identify work station or department to which utensils belong.

  15. 8. Instruction messages 
  16. Highlight specific details in support of management directives. This may include visual instructions (eg photos) detailing key inspection points or quality standards.

  17. 9. Product codes
  18. Product codes included on all "shadows" ensure correct storage and assist reordering.

  19. 10. Shadow Board Serial Number  
  20. Each board has a unique identifying number for traceability and best practice.

  21. 11. Contact Information
  22. Klipspringer contact details print on every shadow board assist in reordering equipment.

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